Cement industry of the post­-Soviet countries today: an insider’s view

The journal Cement and its Applications regularly publishes packages of materials sent by existing cement plants and holding companies, or by companies at different stages of getting ready for cement production. In 2018, the situation in the industry demanded, first of all, to upgrade the existing capacities and increase their efficiency. These tasks have not lost their significance, but the renewed demand for cement in 2019 revived quite a number of projects to expand capacities and create new facilities.

Many cement plants modernized certain production sectors, which made it possible to reduce energy costs, extend the turnaround cycle of equipment operation, expand the range and improve the quality of products, and increase the shipment potential. The factories were equipped with additional means of material and process control. The use of modern digital technologies in plant and process control, equipment diagnostics and other areas has grown.

New environmental requirements have prompted large enterprises to significantly modify the equipment, which determines their level of environmental impact, and to establish continuous monitoring systems for emissions of pollutants. This is especially due to the fact that more and more cement plants are beginning to use alternative fuels in the manufacture of clinker, starting to harness the huge potential of the industry in addressing the problem of waste disposal. Today, the situation in the cement industry, as in the entire economy, has been significantly complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, long-term guidelines for the development of production of one of the most popular products in the world give confidence that the new challenge will be successfully met.

Before the materials from companies offered to your attention, you will find a brief overview of the cement and construction industries of the countries where the businesses are located.

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