Graphene: an opportunity for concrete

A unique set of properties of graphene, which is a layer of ordinary carbon just one atom thick, opens up many potential applications in various fields. In particular, graphene and materials related to it (GiMIOG) may be of interest as additives in binders. The article reviews the capabilities of GiMIOG for improving the traditional characteristics of concrete (strength and durability) and for the development of new multifunctional binders. Among the most complex challenges is ensuring uniform distribution of graphene-like nanomaterials in the cement matrix. In addition, for GiMIOG to be widely used, they must be produced on an industrial scale, have an acceptable cost and meet the relevant quality standards.

It can be assumed that the most interesting applications of graphene in concrete in the future will be linked to its electrically conductive properties, which will allow the creation of special types of concrete, such as self-test concrete; concrete that allows one to shield from electromagnetic waves, and concrete with electric heating.
Author: M. Goisis

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