Spinosphere Technology – an advanced technology to improve cement rotary kiln brick properties

Basic refractory linings for cement rotary kiln contain additionally to magnesia an additive that improves the brick flexibility. These additives that are normally minerals of the spinel group contain quite high levels of Al2O3 and Fe2O3. With increasing amount negative influences on the hot properties of the basic refractory bricks have to be accepted. By using the newly developed Spinosphere Technology it was shown in a lab trial series that bricks on flexibility levels of standard MA-spinel containing bricks with an alumina content of 10-12% were achieved on an alumina level of only 3%. This development is a significant step forward in development of basic cement rotary kiln bricks. By the new Spinosphere Technology a completely new field in development of basic cement rotary kilns has been opened.
Author: M. Geith, S. Joerg, R. Krischanitz

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