X-ray diffraction analysis for analytical control in modern cement production: a comprehensive approach

The article discusses the current trends in the development of X-ray diffraction analysis of cement products to solve the issues of process control. The article defines the main objectives of the XRD and draws the requirements for analytical systems, providing the necessary parameters of the process to determine phase composition. The paper describes hardware, software and services provided by Thermo Techno Group of Companies, an exclusive CIS distributor of Thermo Fisher Scientific international company, the largest manufacturer of analytical equipment. The article separately considers the issues of automated processing of diffractograms, including when the analysis has to be made by shift personnel, as well as the methodological support. The paper concludes that an integrated approach to running XRD in cement production, accounting for the hardware features of analytical tools, the specifics of the plants and their raw material base, as well as the personnel qualification, is optimal for solving most analytical problems.

Author: P.S. Chizhov

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