Reliable U­shaped transport of alternative fuels and other materials

The U-shape conveyor allows the implementation of narrower curve radii than a troughed belt conveyor and higher mass flows than a pipe conveyor. At the same time and contrary to the troughed belt conveyor, it protects the material conveyed from environmental stress and the environment from material loss and emissions. Thus this u-shaped conveying solution has proven to be an ideal alternative in the cement and mining industry as well as in port terminals if high capacity is required with little space available.

In order to transport, store and dose the kiln-ready alternative fuels, the Austrian plant of Lafarge Zementwerke GmbH owned by LafargeHolcim international group of companies chose a U-shape Conveyor from BEUMER (Germany) as the core of this system solution. The conveying system ensures an environmentally safe, dust-free and low-energy transport of the pre-processed waste.

Author: R. Schnathmann

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