The article reviews the design and operating principle of Loesche GmbH roller mills. Their special feature is the modular principle of design due to w...
Issue №6, 2006
Section: Presentation
Keywords: mill construction, unit design, clinker grinding, granulated slag, roller realase
Autor: I. Zlobin.
The article describes accomplished reconstruction of Novoross-Cemenf s quarries with creating fundamentally novel technological scheme of cement raw m...
Issue №6, 2006
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: Novoross-Cemenf, cement plants, underground complex, raw materials
Autor: V.M. Starovoytov.
We bring to your attention an article devoted to the production and market of cement in Azerbaijan, as well as to the role of the largest cement produ...
Issue №6, 2006
Section: Review
Keywords: building sector, Garadagh Cement
A method is suggested for prevention of damage to roller mill drives with a low rotation speed. The method is based on the use of slider bearings with...
Issue №6, 2006
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: Helmke, roller mill, drive power
Autor: B. Mathiaszyk.
Over the last three decades the vertical roller mill has become the preferred mill for grinding of raw materials. The grinding efficiency of the verti...
Issue №6, 2006
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: mill flow, product quality, dehydration of gypsum, operating cost, support, cost
Autor: S. W. Jorgensen.
Positive dynamics of development in cement sector saved in October and November. 2006. The data on cement and clinker output by the country's ente...
Issue №6, 2006
Section: Ukrainian pages
Keywords: test
The article cites the results of practical application of the working method of determination (slick method) of the p-quartz content in raw ma...
Issue №6, 2006
Section: Control of production
Keywords: Oskol-Cement, silicon oxide, raw materials, rate accuracy, volume of quartz
Autor: E.V. Tekucheva, A.A. Drozdov, G.A. Zinovieva.
The article analyzes the status of gas dedusting in the basic technology equipment in the industry of construction materials, including cement industr...
Issue №6, 2006
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: Fingo, ecological engineering
Autor: V.N. Chumakov.
The article discusses the prospects of technologies of secondary fuel combustion. It cites examples of the technical solutions in that area developed ...
Issue №6, 2006
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: cost improvment, secondary fuel, bypass, technology
Autor: M. Mersmann.
The article cites the results of the work on the determination of optimum quantity of melted spinel introduced into the charge in order to increase th...
Issue №6, 2006
Section: Science and production
Keywords: aluminic additives, tensile strength, periclase-spinel redractory
Autor: V.I. Shubin, V.P. Migal, S.I. Gershkovich, A.P. Margishvili, V.V. Bulin.

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