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The main indices of the Brazilian cement industry and cement market for 2017-2022 are presented and their relationship with economic factors is analyz...
Issue №4, 2023
Section: Review
Keywords: cement industry, consumption, production, export, import, sustainability, CO2 emissions, alternative fuels
Autor: F. Guimaraes.
OOO STC REDUCTOR has been successfully working on the Russian market of mechanical engineering for more than 30 years. The company designs and manufac...
Issue №4, 2023
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: gear, modernization, repair
Autor: V.I. Parubets.
The article briefly describes modern packaging for bulk materials produced by KONTI. The advantages of packing in polypropylene bags with different te...
Issue №4, 2023
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: bulk materials, packaging, polypropylene bag, sack containers, quality, ecology
Autor: A.P. Iordan.
Refratechnik Cement's veneering technology is described, which allows to perform emergency repairs of refractory lining of equipment prior to the ...
Issue №3, 2023
Section: Refractories
Keywords: veneering, refractory concrete, rotary kiln, repair
Autor: K. Weber, K. Beimdiek, U. Zielinski, A. Schnell, C. Matus.
The article reflects the main changes in the regulatory and technical documentation related to environmental performance and requirements for the cons...
Issue №2, 2023
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: regulatory documentation, ecology, environment protection, design, best available technologies
Autor: M.I. Grigoriev, I.A. Raschupkina.
Currently, many cement plants face the problem of sticking and hanging up of material in silos and other process containers, leading to the need to st...
Issue №2, 2023
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: air cannon, silos cleaning, material choking-up in silos and bins
Autor: A.V. Popov, A.A. Kapustina, A.V. Abrosimov.
Characteristics of the D-Flame AutoPRO kiln burner, developed and manufactured by the Brazilian Dynamis, are given. The experience of operating a burn...
Issue №2, 2023
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: main burner, flame, primary air, secondary air
Autor: L.F. de Pinho, R.M. Ferronato, L.B. Fagundes, T.A.R. Coelho.
The article contains the results of laboratory studies performed to evaluate the effectiveness of introducing a complex additive based on synthetic fl...
Issue №2, 2023
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: fluorocarbon­containing mineralizer, combustible additive, sodium fluoroaluminates, lime milk, caustification, thermogravimetry, limestone decarbonizing, clinker chemical species synthesis
Autor: B.P. Kulikov, N.V. Vasyunina, I.V. Dubova, A.S. Samoilo, R.O. Balanev, I.K. Ivanova, Ya.S. Sysoeva.
Features of the transition to technological standardization in the field of environmental protection in the Russian Federation based on the concept of...
Issue №6, 2022
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: Best Available Techniques, Reference Document on Best Available Techniques, technological regulation, Integrated Environmental Permits, Environmental Performance Enhancement Programmes, environmental selfmonitoring, marker parameters, greenhouse gas emissions
Autor: Ye.N. Potapova, T.V. Guseva, I.O. Tikhonova, Ye.M. Averochkin.
Automated systems of pneumatic caving of bulk solids ISTA 4 manufactured by the Russian company NPP ISTA, which allow removing the hanging and arch fo...
Issue №6, 2022
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: fast opening valve, air cannon, shock wave, bulk loose material, bunker, vault, silo, cement
Autor: S.N. Isakov, V.Yu. Klukin, S.T. Panchenko, D.A. Solodovnikov, S.V. Yurkin.

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