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The possibilities of manufacturing grinding media of high-chromium cast iron at the foundry of OOO Metallurg-project are discussed. According to the p...
Issue №6, 2018
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: grinding bodies, grinding balls, castings, high-chromium iron, hardness.
Autor: M.A. Porsev, I.V. Chumanov.
The article cites the results of a study of sources of chromium ingress in cement at every stage of its production. It is shown that the main source o...
Issue №1, 2007
Section: Science and production
Keywords: chromium, crude processing unit, safety
Autor: I.N. Borisov, E.V. Indina..
This is a study of the clinker firing methods used for chromium reduction in industrial facilities. With that end in view, either the charge of second...
Issue №2, 2010
Section: Science and production
Keywords: Portland cement clinker; burning, secondary fuel; reducing atmosphere; total chromium; total chromium (VI); soluble chromium (VI); chromate; chromium reduction (VI); stabilized soils
Autor: K. Shimosaka, E. Asakura, H. Tanaka, M. Yamashita.
In the course of laboratory and industrial investigations we have tested that reducing slag as well as of the setting of the sulfatization degree of r...
Issue №4, 2010
Section: Science and production
Keywords: hexavalent chromium; chromates; soluble chromium; clinker firing; reducing substance
Autor: F.D. Tamás, L. Opoczky, L. Sas.
In continuation of our publications under the heading “Cement Production Process Stages” (Quarries — N 6 for 2007, Grinding — N 5 for 2008, Firing...
Issue №2, 2015
Section: Stages of production
Keywords: lining, high-chromium alloys, grinding balls
In operation of chrome-magnesia refractories, a problem of carcinogenic hexavalent chromium arises. In many countries, in accordance with the modern e...
Issue №3, 2015
Section: Refractories
Keywords: refractory without chromium content, hexavalent chromium, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, periclase-spinel and periclasedolomite refractories
Autor: Cao Junqing, Liu Puxiao.

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