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The article presents the mechanisms of the influence of standardization on the issues related to the regulation of the cement products market. The...
Issue №5, 2023
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: cement, standardization, technical regulation, state control, conformity assessment, ecology
Autor: E.V. Kostyleva, A.N. Zakharova.
The article briefly describes modern packaging for bulk materials produced by KONTI. The advantages of packing in polypropylene bags with different te...
Issue №4, 2023
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: bulk materials, packaging, polypropylene bag, sack containers, quality, ecology
Autor: A.P. Iordan.
The article reflects the main changes in the regulatory and technical documentation related to environmental performance and requirements for the cons...
Issue №2, 2023
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: regulatory documentation, ecology, environment protection, design, best available technologies
Autor: M.I. Grigoriev, I.A. Raschupkina.
In recent years the Belarusian Cement Holding Company has considered "green" trends as a priority for itself and actively supported them, be...
Issue №6, 2022
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: cement, ecology, production
Autor: N.A. Bedik, L.S. Shcherba.
In December 2022 the Angarsk cement and mining works, a division of the Siberian Cement holding company, celebrates its 65th anniversary. The article ...
Issue №4, 2022
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: cement, production, modernization, quality, ecology
Autor: V.A. Konyukhova.
The article describes Sinoma's experience in mod-ernizing production at the Martes Tolosane cement plant in France, owned by the Holcim group. In ...
Issue №2, 2022
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: process line, dry process, construction, modernization, ecology
Autor: K.V. Sharapov.
Globally the ready mix concrete production has grown significantly in the last five decades. The annual turnover of the industry is expected to reach ...
Issue №2, 2022
Section: Concrete
Keywords: ready mix concrete, concrete mix, technology, ecology, digitalization
Autor: A.K. Chatterjee.
October 26, 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk Cement Plant (now OOO Krasnoyarsk Cement). The plant produces three standard an...
Issue №5, 2019
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: cement production, oil-well cement, sulphate resistant cement, modernization, ecology
Autor: V.N. Biktimirova.
In October 2019, Chernorechensky cement plant (now AO Iskitimcement), one of the largest cement producers in Siberia, will turn 85. Large-scal...
Issue №3, 2019
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: cement plant, cement production, investment, modernization, ecology, products quality
Autor: Ye. V. Abibula.
The paper presents the results of research into the feasibility of using mature tungsten ore tailings after repreparation from the Ingichkin deposit a...
Issue №6, 2017
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: waste of enrichment of tungsten ores, additive to cement, hardening, structure formation, cement stone, clinker saving, ecology
Autor: M.I. Iskandarova, F.B. Atabaev.

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