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Computer study of Portlandite carbonization reaction was made using density functional theory (DFT). Also an experimental investigation of Por...
Issue №5, 2016
Section: Science and production
Keywords: carbonization, portlandite, kinetics, diffusion
Autor: A. Funk, K.M. Salah Uddin, A. Wetzel, B. Middendorf.
In this paper, hydration of ternary and binary blended cements containing Portland cement, ground granulated blast-furnace slag and limestone powder h...
Issue №3, 2016
Section: Science and production
Keywords: ternary blended cement, slag, kinetics, limestone, Portland cement
Autor: Zhijun Tan, Guang Ye, Yun Gao, L. Machiels, E. Bruneel, G. De Schutter.
A method for finding the kinetic parameters of the clinker grinding process in closed-circuit ball mills is proposed, which allows construction of sev...
Issue №6, 2011
Section: Science and production
Keywords: closed circuit ball mills, circulating load, kinetics of the grinding process, particle size distribution
Autor: V.S. Bogdanov, R.R. Sharapov, D.V. Bogdanov.
During the last few years several computer models has been developed to simulate the evolution of cement microstructure during hydration. In the model...
Issue №5, 2010
Section: Science and production
Keywords: cement microstructure; hydration; computer model; kinetics; tricalcium silicate; alite; isothermal calorimetry; chemical shrinkage
Autor: M. Costoya, Sh. Bishnoi, E. Gallucci, K. L. Scrivener.
The article considers the effect of various modifications of calcium sulphate, as well as hardening accelerators, on the properties of dry mixes based...
Issue №2, 2009
Section: Dry construction mixes
Keywords: building footing, composition, dry mix, hardening kinetics
Autor: I.N. Medvedeva, Yu.M. Kharitonova.
Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) are well known for their unparalleled mechanical properties. Additionally their very high aspect ratio and low specifi...
Issue №3, 2009
Section: Science and production
Keywords: nanocomposite, multi-wall nanotube, structural analysis, sample preparation, reaction kinetics, microstructure, mechanical properties
Autor: T. Kowald, S. Eser, R. Trettin.
The kinetics of modified cement pastes’ hardening was examined with five different samples of Portland cement in the conditions of moist heat curing a...
Issue №4, 2011
Section: Concrete
Keywords: curing kinetics, Portland cement, mineral additives, moist heat curing, strength after 24 hours, cement stone with modifying additives
Autor: L.M. Dobshits, O.V. Kononova, S.N. Anisimov.

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