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A variety of solutions used by Bedeschi S.p.A., Italy, for their ship loaders reducing dust emissions during the loading of bulk materials are describ...
Issue №3, 2017
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: bulk materials loading, shiploader, dust emission abatement.
Autor: P. de Michieli.
The operations of Russian versatile industrial and commercial company OOO Engineering Service-Putmash are described.
Issue №2, 2017
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: vacuum systems, vacuum loader, spill collection, heavy overhaul, cleaning from lump and bulk materials
Autor: E.A. Lukyanov, E.V. Plotkin.
The article considers standard pneumatic unloaders produced by Kovako Materials Handling in a wide range of capacities for ships of various displaceme...
Issue №4, 2008
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: Kovako Materials Handling, air-lift unloader, equipment components, unloaders
Autor: D. Arrosh.
Equipment from Aumund Fördertechnik GmbH, Germany, designed for reception and distribution of clinker in silos - ground feeders, loaders, conveyo...
Issue №4, 2011
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: clinker, feeder, loader, conveyor, elevator
Autor: N. Velten, D. Braizew.
Telescopic loading devices for the cement industry, developed and produced by HENNLICH group of companies, are discussed. This equipment addresses the...
Issue №5, 2014
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: loading spout, telescope-type loader, bulk material
Autor: S.O. Polyakov.
An upgrade of the existing cement and clinker loader from Australian Adelaide Brighton Cement with installation of Siwertell equipment made by Cargote...
Issue №3, 2013
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: cement, loader, screw conveyor
Autor: J. Huovilainen.
The article presents the history of creation and description of the products of Kovako Company founded in the Netherlands in 1979 as a manufacturer of...
Issue №4, 2006
Section: Presentation
Keywords: production, operational factors, unloaders
Autor: A. Zwirs.

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