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Stabilized soil plays an important role in the formation of physical and mechanical properties of the road pavement. The quality of soil, its comp...
Issue №5, 2023
Section: Science and production
Keywords: fluoroanhydrite, subsoils strengthening, stabilization, IR spectroscopy, differential thermal analysis, microstructure
Autor: A.M. Aleksandrov, G.I. Yakovlev, A.F. Gordina, Z.S. Saidova, M.R. Bekmansurov.
The main products of the building chemistry industry are ternary blends composed of Portland cement (PC), calcium aluminate cement and calcium...
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Science and production
Keywords: hydration, microstructure, calcium aluminate cement, slag, limestone
Autor: J. Bizzozero, K.L. Scrivener.
On October 13-16, 2015 in Beijing, China, XIV International Congress Chemistry of Cement took place. The program of the congress included about 700 re...
Issue №6, 2015
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: chemistry of cement, adhesives, sustainable development, hydration and microstructure, thermodynamics, concrete mixtures, congress
The technical advantages of materials based on Ternal® White rich binders in comparison with Portland cement based binders are considered in present p...
Issue №5, 2007
Section: Dry construction mixes
Keywords: calcium aluminate, white hydraulic binder, mix composition, hydration, microstructure, acid stability
Autor: P. Gudovskikh, R. Kwasny-Echterhagen, L. Amathieu.
The laboratory studies demonstrated the possibility of using wastes from iron-vanadium production as an iron-containing component of the cement raw mi...
Issue №6, 2011
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: Portland clinker, ferrous waste, ferrous addition, clinker microstructure, hydraulic activity
Autor: I.N. Borisov, O.S. Mandrikov.
Electron-microscopic studies of binding cement compositions for dry construction mixes confirmed the possibility of using them within finely dispersed...
Issue №1, 2010
Section: Science and production
Keywords: mesostructure, microstructure, microprobe analysis, portland cement, slag
Autor: L. Kh. Zagorodnyuk, L.D. Shakhova.
During the last few years several computer models has been developed to simulate the evolution of cement microstructure during hydration. In the model...
Issue №5, 2010
Section: Science and production
Keywords: cement microstructure; hydration; computer model; kinetics; tricalcium silicate; alite; isothermal calorimetry; chemical shrinkage
Autor: M. Costoya, Sh. Bishnoi, E. Gallucci, K. L. Scrivener.
In the article it was shown the possibility of production of high-grade blended cement made of two clinkers – shaft and rotary kilns with different fa...
Issue №1, 2009
Section: New materials
Keywords: cements quality, shaft klin clinker, microstructure, macrostructure, hydration
Autor: N.N. Mazharin, V.K. Klassen.
The second part of the article presents the results of a petrographic study of micro and submicroscopic structures of submicrocrystalline foam concret...
Issue №2, 2009
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: submicroscopic structure, foam concrete, hydrated calcium silicate, microstructure, concrete chemistry
Autor: B.E. Yudovich, S.A. Zubekhin.
Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) are well known for their unparalleled mechanical properties. Additionally their very high aspect ratio and low specifi...
Issue №3, 2009
Section: Science and production
Keywords: nanocomposite, multi-wall nanotube, structural analysis, sample preparation, reaction kinetics, microstructure, mechanical properties
Autor: T. Kowald, S. Eser, R. Trettin.

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