All plants of the Vostokcement holding are ready for the winter period

In order to efficiently organize all technological processes at plants of the cement industry in the cold season, the employees of the plants implement a whole range of measures in advance. After all, it is important not only to prepare the equipment, but also to maintain quality indicators.


Novospasskiy Cement Plant preparations for winter began in May - immediately after the end of the heating season. Over three summer months, the company repaired the roof and storm water inlets, restored the glazing of the windows, insulated the gates and doorways in each workshop. Current repairs of two boilers and all thermal and mechanical equipment have been started. Heating has been operating at the plant since October 14.

“One of the important tasks in preparation for the winter period is the thermal insulation of the clays of the Kuleshovskoye field. The area for insulation is about 18 thousand m2, the work will be carried out using the application of polymer foam. Thus, we will provide a stock of material in the amount of 230 thousand tons," - stated employees of AO Spasskcement.

Particular attention is also paid to the maintenance of road network. At the moment, the plant's specialists report on 90% of the equipment readiness, some of the machines will be re-equipped just before the cold weather. The company has already received the required amount of salt for deicing roads.

Practice shows that all measures to prepare workshops and departments for work in the autumn-winter period allow to ensure stable and trouble-free operation of production.


Teploozersk Cement Plant is not lagging behind its colleagues. The plant is preparing for the cold weather with special care. A repair work schedule has been drawn up and approved, material consumption rates have been developed, and the 2022 budget is being formed.

The plant's specialists carefully examined the water supply system, repaired water pumps and insulation of water pipelines, replaced valves, washed heat exchangers in the hot water supply system. Access roads to the first and second water intakes of the plant were repaired.

In order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the premises of the shopping center throughout the winter, the heating systems and water heaters were revised, windows, gates and doors were insulated and repaired.

As in previous years, the plant provided the municipal boiler house with a lease of a coal storage area. Now the enterprise carries out loading and unloading operations and carries out weight control. Snow-removing equipment is also preparing to enter the service; to help it, a screening for sprinkling roads has already been prepared.

Thanks to the measures taken, the main technological equipment of the Teploozersk Cement Plant will operate normally throughout the winter, fulfilling production plans. As the employees of the shopping center said, after all the preparatory measures, the enterprise will be fully prepared for any surprises of nature.


For the northernmost plant of the holding, the preparatory period always takes place on a tight schedule. Preventive repair work was carried out in the period from May to September. Both the village and the factory boiler houses have already been launched, because Yakutcement heats not only the workshops of the enterprise, but the entire municipality.

The plant's specialists switched the equipment to winter operation, prepared equipment for snow removal and stocked up on anti-icing agents.

Vladivostok crushed stone plant

The Vladivostok crushed stone plant is not afraid of frost.

The heavy equipment of the plant is being "changed", winter fuels, lubricants and technical liquids have been purchased. Insulated overalls were purchased for the employees of the plant.

Snow removal equipment will fight the coming snowstorms and precipitation at the Vladivostok crushed stone plant. With its help, the quarry roads will be cleared and covered with sand.

In the shops of the plant, all conditions are created for comfortable work in the winter. Hydropneumatic flushing and pressure testing of the heat supply system was carried out. The start-up of heating for the plant was carried out as usual. Additionally, new heating devices were purchased, repair boxes were insulated, windows and doors were repaired. The dust suppression system is also ready for cold weather.


So that the production processes are not interfered with by weather conditions, the Crushing and Screening Plant conducts maximum diagnostics of all technical equipment.

Specialists are currently cleaning the crushing complexes from dust, pumping out water from the basement buildings of the crushing complex DSTs-2, changing the oil in the crushers for winter.

All electrical equipment has also passed the necessary checks and training, and the equipment has undergone necessary current repair.
The use of materials published on the site is allowed only with the reference to the source (the journal «Cement and its application») and a hyperlink to the quoted material.
The use of materials published on the site is allowed only with reference to the source (the journal «Cement and its application») and a hyperlink to the quoted material.
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