Economic situation of the Russian cement market and its development prospects

Long-term (2010-2020 years) forecast of cement production, consumption and minimal market price in Russia considering the economical imbalance.

Cement industry of Ukraine. Results of operations in the 1st eight months of 2009

The data on cement and clinker production by Ukrainian plants in the first 9 months of 2009 compared to the first 9 months of 2008, cement sales, export and consumption by Ukrainian regions are given in the tables.

«Safety first» for big silos in the cement sector

The article considers the conditions for storage, loadings and unloading of cement manufacture materials by using large-volume silos. Two versions of silo discharge have been developed — one with external control and the other with non-controllable discharge with a cham...

Equipment for reception of materials from under railway cars

One of the technological problems faced practically by all cement plants is the reception and selection of materials discharged from under railway cars. With the grab-bucket unloading mode gradually phased out (because of its high labour input and frequent damage to...

Conversion of two mills from open to closed cycle at OAO Mordov-Cement

The article presents the results of the works on conversion of two cement mills to the closed grinding cycle. It points out the unconventional positioning of the separator installation explained by the existing space constraints. The works performed ensured an up to 30 ...

Packing as a major component of product promotion

The article describes high-porosity paper for Quick-Fill-type bags developed by the Swedish company Billerud Sack Solutions. It also discusses technical consultations and training seminars conducted by the company.

Suspension block lining of the grate cooler vault in rotary kilns

The article describes a project involving block lining for the vault of a rotary kiln grate cooler. A special feature of the vault design is the use of blocks made from medium-cement mullite- siliceous concrete containing andalusite and silicon carbide. The heat-insulat...

Remote services for production process optimisation

The article considers solutions suggested by FLSmidth Automation that are directed at remote maintenance of the equipment and make it possible to optimise the production. It provides examples of using the ECS / ProcessExpert System at two cement plants that enabled impr...

Calciner operation optimisation as the results of using model predictive control

The article describes the results obtained after introduction of the Expert Optimizer system, which operates in the anticipatory management mode to control the processes inside the calciner. The use of this system made it possible to reduce power consumption and ensure ...

Process automation provides for production efficiency

The article cites the results of development and introduction of automated process control systems (APCS) at ZAO Nevyansky Cementnik. Introduction of the APCS at every process stage made it possible to save energy, raise the equipment productivity and product qu...

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