Properties of materials based on Portland cement with MKZHL metakaolin additive

The influence of the addition of MKZHL metakaolin used for partial - by 5-30 % - replacement of cement on the properties of mortar mixes and mortars has been examined. The optimal level of substitution of Portland cement with metakaolin (10%) was determined, providing an increase in compressive strength compared with additive-free mortars. The effect of plasticizers of different chemical composition on the properties of mortars was studied. The efficiency of MKZhL metakaolin additives in dry mixes for various applications is demonstrated, making the water-retaining properties of mortars better, the mortars stronger, shrinkage of fast-hardening mixes lower, water tightness better.
Author: S.A. Krasnobaeva, I.N. Medvedeva, A.S. Brykov, Z.V. Stafeyeva

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