Cement industry of Russia in 2014

An analysis of the cement industry of Russia in 2014 is offered in the paper together with the possible prospects of its development. According to preliminary estimates, 68.5 Mt of cement were produced in Russia in 2014. Compared with 2013, its production increased by 3...

Looking ahead to 2015

The paper offers a forecast of the situation at major emerging and developed markets of cement in the world in 2015.

Ministry of Energy and Industry of Turkmenistan. Cement industry in Turkmenistan

In accordance with the Program for the development of construction, energy and industrial sectors of Turkmenistan for 2012-2016, approved by the President of Turkmenistan, the country has built and put into operation large industrial projects and factories operating up-...

The market of dry building mixes in Russia: the preliminary results of 2014 and short-term prospects

The paper sums up the results of the development of dry building mortars (DBM) market in Russia in 2013 and the preliminary results for 2014. The DBM output in 2013 increased compared to the previous year by 8% (in 2012 – by 18%), the growth in 2...

Volgocemmash today

The article demonstrates the production potential of Volgocemmash factory manufacturing the basic equipment for the production of cement by dry and wet methods and spare parts, providing for its repair and upgrading. The designs by the company are described together wit...

Ukrainian cement industry. Results of operations in 2014

In 2014 8,854.3 kt of cement and 6,064.6 kt of clinker were produced, or, respectively, 9.0% and 5.3% less than the previous year. Per capita cement production in 2014 amounted to 206.1 kg.

OAO Sebryakov-Cement: switching from wet to dry mode of production in a cold climate

The paper describes a project to build a new clinker production line at OAO Sebryakov-Cement. The engineering and equipment supplier was Danish FLSmidth. The project was developed and implemented jointly by the both companies. The technical solutions allowed for efficie...

A new production line at Bekabad-Cement

The paper describes a new dry process clinker production line at AO Bekabad-Cement, commissioned in 2013. The characteristics of the basic process equipment and the process parameters are given.

State-of-the-art white cement facility at UAE

The paper describes a new plant of the Indian company JK Cement Ltd., located in UAE and commissioned in March 2014. The plant operates the modern dry process to produce white or gray cement. The characteristics of the equipment, as well as those of white clinker and wh...

High efficiency cement cooling

Conventional cement cooling uses water flow that is open to the plant environment leading to issues with efficiency, maintenance, emissions and contamination. A new indirect cooling technology using cooling water enclosed within plates was tested at a Canadian cement pl...

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