Prospects for implementation of the best available technologies and the transition to integrated environmental standards for cement production

The paper noted that at the current state of production assets of the Russian industries the competitiveness of the economy on foreign markets will decrease, macroeconomic risks will increase, and the ecological situation will worsen. Application of the principle of sta...

Cement production in Kazakhstan

The article provides the information related to the cement production and consumption in the Republic of Kazakhstan, to the cement plants of the country; it describes problems facing the cement industry is and prospects of its development.

History and future of the European cement standardisation

Quality control of cement has a long tradition in Europe and worldwide. Already in the 19th century the first standard for cement was published. Since those early days many further developments have taken place. The Construction Products Directive and the Construction P...

New process line at Akmenės cementas plant

The article describes the project of construction of new dry process line at the Lithuanian cement plant Akmenes Cementas. Equipment characteristics and the production process are concerned. The plant’s operating performance and the range of its products are given

Hydration of sustainable cements based on burnt oil shale

Binders containing conventional additive-free Portland cement, calcined shale, ground granulated blast furnace slag and limestone were examined using experimental methods and thermodynamic modeling. Comparison of bicomponent Portland cement (with limestone) and ...

Comparative study of iron (III) sulfate and aluminum as inhibitors of alkali-silica reactions

In this paper, a comparative study of the efficacy of aluminum and iron (III) sulfates as inhibitors of alkali-silica reactions (ASR) is described, in accordance with the accelerated method, GOST 8269.0, and their effect on sulfate resistance of cement/s...

Influence pof the mechanical impact on the geometric form and nature of the cement particle surface

Differences in mechanical processes taking place in various grinding systems can influence both the particulate composition of the obtained products and the geometric shape and nature of the surface of individual particles. The article examines the impact of the grindin...

On the issue of alkali cements plastification

The issue of cement plastification in alkaline environment determined by the presence of alkali metal compounds, and the ways of its solution, was analyzed. Organic compounds were classified by their efficacy as plasticizers of alkali cements.

Improving the design and calculating the main parameters of a conical slurry classifier

The article describes the improved design of a screw classifier. The essence of the problem and the importance of raw slurry classification are demonstrated. The rational design and engineering parameters for the classifier are given. Analytical expressions for calculat...

Ukrainian cement industry. Results of operations in the first 9 months of 2015.

In the first 9 months of 2015 6,685 kt of cement and 4,403 kt of clinker were produced, or, respectively 4.2% and 4.1% less than in the same period for 2014. In September 2015 there were produced 0.5% of cement and 14.8% of clinker more than in September...

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