Concrete petrography

As the most widely used building material in the world, concrete is unequaled for its versatility and utility in modern construction. However, numerous aspects of the construction process can lead to problems such as inadequate strength, cracking at early ages, slab sur...

Development of optimum compositions of non-autoclaved aerated concrete

The optimum (for the maximum compressive strength and minimal consumption of cement) ratio of the components, mineral and chemical additives were determined: the ratio of mineral powder and cement MP/C = 1.3, the content of silica fume - 9% wt., S-3 superpla...

The use of “fast-setting concretes” for airport repairs

In 2005, Czech Skanska in collaboration with MC-Bauchemie started developing rapid-hardening concrete for the fastest possible replacement of the existing concrete pavements with the new ones on roads with heavy traffic of heavy-duty vehicles. Today, the technology of c...

XIV International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement

On October 13-16, 2015 in Beijing, China, XIV International Congress Chemistry of Cement took place. The program of the congress included about 700 reports by more than 1500 authors from 46 countries. An overview of the conference papers is provided/

V.P. Skakun is 55

I.G. Luginina: in memoriam

B.S. Albats: in memoriam

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