Experience of operating a new burner at the OOO Asia Cement plant

The experience of operating the M.A.S./2/KO.EG.SO.X burner (manufactured by Unitherm Cemcon, Austria) is described at the OOO Asia Cement plant. The design of M.A.S. type burners enables to regulate the shape of the flame by changing the angle and speed of the natural gas streaming from flexible metal hoses at the burner tip. In addition, the gaseous fuel is faster heated before it is mixed with the secondary air, and the flame burns safer without liftoff during ignition and heating of the furnace. Installation of the M.A.S. burner instead of the existing one allowed to reduce the gaseous fuel and electricity consumption, and to increase the reliability of the blower.
Author: V.I. Borsh, R.M. Titey

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