Development of photocatalytic cement-based materials: situation and perspectives.

In this paper, a brief review of the situation is made dealing with the photocatalytic cement-based materials and their current applications in the building sector.
Starting from the pioneer application of the Church "Dives in Misericordia" in Rome, where a new type of cement developed by Italcementi - HeidelbergCement Product Innovation Centre was used with the aim of providing an innovative property (maintenance of white colour along time), it can be said that these materials are now a valid solution which is frequently chosen by architects, designers and stakeholders for the achievement of structures, buildings and large works which are environmentally friendly and distinctive in terms of quality and durability.
Considerable costs have been sustained in "pilot" projects, in order to validate the solutions which were certified by means of laboratory tests specifically developed for the assessment of photocatalytic properties.
However, photocatalytic cement-based applications are by now widely recognized as effective and environmentally friendly.
Author: E. Borgarello, C. Capone, G.L. Guerrini

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