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The article presents the results of drill cuttings effect upon the properties of cement foam concrete mix and naturally cured foam concrete. Drilling ...
Issue №6, 2022
Section: Concrete
Keywords: drilling sludge, foam concrete mixture, foam concrete, monolithic construction, compressive strength
Autor: A.B. Steshenko, A.I. Kudyakov, N.O. Kopanitsa .
The printing process is a novel digitally-controlled additive manufacturing method which can build architectural and structural components without for...
Issue №1, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: 3D printing, concrete mix, flow, buildability, yield stress, open time
Autor: A. Trivedi, M.K. Mandre, B. Singh, P.N. Ojha.
The Strategy of development of the construction sector till 2030 which was approved by the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation and the ...
Issue №5, 2022
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: climate, concrete, cement, environment, carbon footprint
Autor: V.I. Travush, D.V. Kuzevanov, S.S. Kaprielov, Yu.S. Volkov.
The paper shows that the technology of Portland cement nano-modification, developed in recent decades, makes it possible to use non-metallic aggregate...
Issue №5, 2022
Section: Concrete
Keywords: nanocement, concrete, aggregate
Autor: M.Ya. Bikbau.
Russian construction industry sets the requirements to the market of construction materials and concrete, in particular, the requirements dictated by ...
Issue №4, 2022
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: cement, concrete, limestone
Autor: S.A. Spiridonov, D.A. Kalugin.
The design, engineering and technological docu-mentation is developed and a complex of equipment is manufactured for the process line of autoclaved ae...
Issue №3, 2022
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: innovative material, increased strength, thermal-insulating properties, cutting of solid monolith, autoclave curing, gas concrete, automation, geometry fidelity, process line, equipment
Autor: A.Y. Panychev, A.V. Benin, V.Y. Solovieva, V.A. Chernakov, A.V. Khitrov.
Concrete road pavements have an increased dura-bility. In Russia and many other countries the share of roads with such pavements in the total length o...
Issue №2, 2022
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: concrete pavement, road, cement, concrete
Autor: A.I. Poltoyainen.
On March, 18, 2022 AKKERMANN company opened PRO_beton concrete technology center in Perm. The research laboratory, unique for Russia, is equipped with...
Issue №1, 2022
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: concrete, laboratory, testing, quality control, formulation
Globally the ready mix concrete production has grown significantly in the last five decades. The annual turnover of the industry is expected to reach ...
Issue №2, 2022
Section: Concrete
Keywords: ready mix concrete, concrete mix, technology, ecology, digitalization
Autor: A.K. Chatterjee.
Nanoparticles in mortar and concrete mixtures have a positive effect on the physical and mechanical characteristics of mortars and concretes - strengt...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Science and production
Keywords: nanoparticles, nanoadditives, mortar, concrete
Autor: A.S. Brykov.

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