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The article describes the results of studies carried out in the laboratory of concrete of A.A. Gvozdev R&D Institute of Concrete, to confirm and corre...
Issue №3, 2016
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: concrete, strength, water impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance, corrosion resistance, durability
Autor: S.A. Podmazova, G.V. Lyubarskaya.
The effect of limestone and dolomite additives on the properties of composite cements: water demand, setting time, consolidation deformation, the cont...
Issue №3, 2012
Section: Science and production
Keywords: composite Portland cement, carbonate supplements, slow setting, the products of hydration, strength, corrosion resistance
Autor: V.K. Kozlova, A.M. Manokha, A.A. Likhosherstov, E.V. Manuilov, E.Y. Malova.
Results of the examination of Muraplast FK 63 and Centrilit Fume SX additives produced by MC-Bauchemie as means for improving corrosion resistance of ...
Issue №1, 2011
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: concrete; water reducer; corrosion resistance
Autor: N.K. Rosental, G.V. Chekhny, G.V. Lyubarskaya.
In operation of chrome-magnesia refractories, a problem of carcinogenic hexavalent chromium arises. In many countries, in accordance with the modern e...
Issue №3, 2015
Section: Refractories
Keywords: refractory without chromium content, hexavalent chromium, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, periclase-spinel and periclasedolomite refractories
Autor: Cao Junqing, Liu Puxiao.

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