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The Sukholozhsk-Cement plant of SLK Cement, a part of the international holding company Buzzi Unicem, is replacing electric precipitators of its c...
Issue №3, 2021
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: electrostatic precipitator, exhaust gases, dust emission, modernization
ZAO Rybnitsky cement combined works is upgrading production. Contracts have been concluded for about 15 projects, most of the ordered equipment has be...
Issue №1, 2019
Section: Companies and firms
Keywords: modernization, energy performance, dust emission abatement.
Autor: S.V. Kostritsky.
A variety of solutions used by Bedeschi S.p.A., Italy, for their ship loaders reducing dust emissions during the loading of bulk materials are describ...
Issue №3, 2017
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: bulk materials loading, shiploader, dust emission abatement.
Autor: P. de Michieli.
The article provides information on the activities of VDZ and its Research Institute and presents the analysis of operations of German cement industry...
Issue №1, 2009
Section: Review
Keywords: VDZ, research institute, cement sector, dust emission, cement chemistry, concrete technology, environment control, product quality
Autor: M. Schneider.
The article analyzes the reasons for unsteady operation of installations of air purification by inertia dedusters in the conditions of changing flow p...
Issue №1, 2009
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: dust emission, aspiration system
Autor: M.V. Vasilevsky, E.G. Zykov, V.S. Loginov, A.S. Razva, K.V. Nekrasov, A.M. Litvinov, A.F. Glushko, V.A.Kuznetsov.
An approach to the choice of filtering materials for gas cleaning in bag filters at different process stages of cement production is described. Charac...
Issue №1, 2013
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: bag filter, fiber, dust emissions, cement production
Autor: C. Baxendale.

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