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Agricultural wastes are a promising source of raw materials for building materials of various kinds, primarily concrete, where such wastes can be ...
Issue №5, 2023
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: agricultural waste, rice husks, banana fibers, coconut fibers, biochar, concrete
Autor: S.A. Stelmakh, E.M. Shcherban, A.B. Paskachev, T.G. Rzhevskaya, L.D. Mailyan, I.F. Razveeva, A.A. Pogrebnyak.
The article describes a new effective technology of strengthening reinforced concrete bridge structures by means of an added layer (added top laye...
Issue №4, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: fiber-reinforced concrete, ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete, UHPFRC, bridge structures
Autor: I.M. Sapronov, A.V. Ageev, M.E. Zabrodin, B.M. Brayan, M.V. Fedorov.
The paper describes the character of structural damage of composites reinforced with dispersed polypropylene microfibers, determines their strength an...
Issue №6, 2022
Section: Science and production
Keywords: microfiber, reinforcement, composite, Portland cement, granulated blast furnace slag
Autor: O.M. Smirnova, A.M. Kharitonov, Yu.M. Tikhonov.
The article describes polypropylene and polyethylene microfibers developed by Storsack Group and intended for concrete and mortar mixes improving. It ...
Issue №5, 2007
Section: New materials
Keywords: Storsack Group, microfibers, polypropylene
Autor: R.D. Rashitov.
An approach to the choice of filtering materials for gas cleaning in bag filters at different process stages of cement production is described. Charac...
Issue №1, 2013
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: bag filter, fiber, dust emissions, cement production
Autor: C. Baxendale.

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