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OOO Polyplast Novomoskovsk supplies several types of process additives for the cement industry: raw slurry diluents, cement grinding aids, etc. The ar...
Issue №3, 2018
Section: Science and production
Keywords: technological additives, diluents, grinding aids, technical and economic efficiency
Autor: L.D. Shakhova, R.A. Kotlyarov, N.M. Berezina.
The paper describes how the technology of grinding intensification using antistatic surfactants was supplemented with a device performing hardware ele...
Issue №5, 2015
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: grinding aids, electrization under grinding, dislocation “debris-layer”, device “ECOFOR”, intensification of grinding
Autor: N.F. Glukharev.
Cement grinding is the last production cycle where there is still a chance to change the quality of cement taking into account the consumers’ requirem...
Issue №2, 2010
Section: Science and production
Keywords: optimal grinding quality; grinding aids; specific energy consuption; аgglomeration of particles in separator
Autor: J. Schrabback.
The article describes a method of determining the thermal effect of clinker formation, more accurate and less time-consuming compared to the one tradi...
Issue №5, 2013
Section: Science and production
Keywords: blended cements, grinding aids.

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