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The paper studies the influence of chemical industry wastes on mineral composition during cement raw mixes firing which contain alumosilicate componen...
Issue №3, 2020
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: cement clinker, phosphogypsum, alkaline waste, limestone, calcination, mineral formation, mineralizers, flotation tails
Autor: A. G. Nimchick, Kh. L. Usmanov, Z. R. Kadyrova .
Fluorspar as a mineralizer for clinker burning was examined. A patent application for the production of artificial fluorspar was reported. The product...
Issue №2, 2016
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: mineralizer, fluorite, phosphogypsum, calcium sulphate dihydrate
Autor: M.V. Bakharev, A.N. Moskalenko.
The article contains information about development of the hard-burned composite gypsum binder based on phosphogypsum and chalk, its physical mechanica...
Issue №5, 2007
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: gypsium blinder, utilization, phosphogypsum, raw materials
Autor: A.A. Mechay, M.V. Novik, Ya.I. Melnikova.
The article cites the results of processing industrial phosphogypsum for obtaining a product that would control the setting times of cement. Introduct...
Issue №1, 2009
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: waste, raw source, phosphogypsum, mineral composition
Autor: M.A. Mikheenkov.
The article cites the results of a study on the efficiency of using artificial gypsum stone obtained on the base of phosphogypsum in the process of Po...
Issue №5, 2009
Section: Science and production
Keywords: mineralizer, phosphogypsum, setting time, portland cement, compacting
Autor: M.A. Mikheenkov.

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