Krasnoyarsk Cement Plant sums up results of the high construction season-2021

OOO Krasnoyarsk cement (subsidiary of AO HC Sibcem) summed up work results during the high construction season of 2021.

From January to October this year, the plant produced 602 thousand tons of cement, which is 8.9% more than in the ten months of last year. 172 thousand tons of products of the CEM II / A-Sh 32.5B class (with additives) were manufactured, 290 thousand tons - of the CEM I 42.5N class (no additives), 37 thousand tons - PC 500 D0-N, 23 thousand tons - PCT IG-CC-1, as well as 80 thousand tons of cement CEM I 32.5 B for the needs of the Volna plant.

During ten months of 2021, the consumption of cement in the Siberian Federal District amounted to almost 4.9 million tons, which is 14.3% more than in 2020. The demand for cement in the Krasnoyarsk Territory for the same time increased by 10.3% - up to 887 thousand tons. Due to this, the Krasnoyarsk Cement Plant was able to increase sales volumes: in January-October, the company shipped 604 thousand tons of cement to consumers (+ 8.6% compared to 10 months of 2020).

This year, Krasnoyarsk Cement continued to modernize its production. In total in 2021, according to forecast data, about one billion rubles will be allocated to re-equip the workshops of the plant. (incl. VAT). The funds were allocated, among other things, for the installation of a stationary automatic system for vibration diagnostics of fans and smoke exhausters of kilns at a cost of over 1.4 million rubles. Using this equipment allows to identify faults in a timely manner, reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and production interruptions.

Also, the company continues to develop a new grinding workshop. Construction and installation work is currently underway, the cost of its implementation at the end of the year will amount to 0.5 billion rubles. The total cost of the project providing for the installation of a new closed-loop grinding mill with a standard size of 4 × 13.5 m with a QDK-29N separator by Christian Pfeiffer with a capacity of 100 tons per hour is 2.4 billion rubles. The launch of the equipment will make it possible to fully provide customers with separated cement and, in general, to solve the problem of seasonal increase in demand for it.

In addition, in 2021, the plant took measures aimed at improving the working in the Gorny workshop: a technical re-equipment of the aspiration system of the limestone primary crushing department was carried out.

Krasnoyarsk Cement is systematically renewing its fleet of special equipment. By the beginning of the 2021 construction season, the company purchased a dump truck with a carrying capacity of 15 tons as well as a forklift.

Scheduled equipment repairs were carried out with high quality and on time in all divisions of the plant. Timely implementation of these works allows to reduce the risk of accidents and downtime. In 2021, 543.8 million rubles were allocated for repairs and maintenance of equipment at Krasnoyarsk Cement. (incl. VAT).

The priority of the plant remains to increase the level of environmental safety of production. In 2021, 42.2 million rubles were allocated for the implementation of environmental protection measures (incl. VAT).

One of the most significant projects of the current year is the commissioning of an automatic measuring system for emission control. This equipment continuously measures the mass concentration of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and dioxide, sulfur dioxide, determines the mass of suspended particles (dust), the volume fraction of water vapor and parameters of the gas flow. Measuring and sampling probes are installed inside a single chimney through which emissions from rotary kilns No. 3, 4, 5 are carried out, the analytical computing system together with the gas analyzer is located in a separate room at the base of the chimney.

An automatic measuring system for emission control was launched ahead of schedule at the plant as part of the Clean Air federal project, which is in turn part of “Ecology” national project. In total, the Siberian Cement holding allocated RUB 28.3 million for its installation.

“In the high construction season of 2021, the plant continued its stable operations” stated Dmitry Kireev, Managing Director of OOO Krasnoyarsk Cement. “If last year we manufactured a little less than 628 thousand tons of products, by the end of 2021 we plan to produce 675 thousand tons. Existing production facilities allow the plant to promptly respond to market requests and provide consumers with products of consistently high quality.”
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The use of materials published on the site is allowed only with reference to the source (the journal «Cement and its application») and a hyperlink to the quoted material.
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