Properties of highly basic sintered bauxite

Use of highly basic sintered bauxite instead of bauxite and limestone in blast furnace smelting of high-alumina slag - a source of expensive cement with special properties — will significantly reduce coke consumption. The paper shows the possibility of obtaining highly ...

Chemical fuel conversion in Portland cement technology

Options for improving the efficiency of kiln systems through chemical heat recovery are considered. A comparative analysis of the use of chemical recovery of heat on the example of a cement clinker burning kiln is provided.

A study of alumoferrite phase of Portland cement clinker

Calcium alumoferrites of different composition were synthesized and kinetics of their hydration examined. Their different hydration activity was established, which explains their different strength. It is shown that in the production of Portland cement clinker, it is ne...

Alternative fuel — the future of the cement industry

The factors that caused the relevance of the use of alternative fuels in the cement industry are analyzed. The data on the activities of Lafarge Group on their promotion in countries around the world, including Russia, are given.

Wastes co-processing — the way for resources preservation

Increasing demand in emerging economies, combined with resource scarcity, pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increasing consumption and subsequent waste generation, makes low grade resources and waste treatment in Resources Intensives Industries (RII’s)...

ReduDust – a project for processing bypass flue dust

An innovative solution for handling bypass dust, ReduDust, developed by Austrian A TEC, is analyzed. The process steps and operation of a pilot plant are described. The technology allows for full recycling and cost-effective return of wastes to the process, thus providi...

Hollow microspheres of fly ash — a multifunctional filler for composite materials

Hollow microspheres of fly ash are free flowing fine powders obtained from waste ash of thermal power plants. The use of microspheres as fillers for composites is determined by a successful combination of commercial and technological indicators — the availability of res...

Long-term investigation of autoclaved aerated concrete produced from fluidized fly ash

The study contributes to the knowledge of properties of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) formed with the utilization of modified raw materials — new generation of fly ash from coal power plants (fluidized fly ash). The fluidized fly ash is a mixture of ...


Metakaolin is an artificial pozzolana obtained by calcining kaolinite-type clays. Metakaolin can replace a part of Portland cement in the concrete without damage to its properties, and more, to produce concrete with improved characteristics (high-quality concrete...

Concern BASF starts production of additives for concrete in Russia

On August 7, 2012 in the Moscow region a grand opening of the first production of chemical additives to concrete by the international concern BASF in Russia took place.

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