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The article contains a list and description of the materials produced by OOO Seven Refractories, designed for shotcreting the lining of various parts ...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Refractories
Keywords: unshaped refractory materials, shotcreting, lining
Autor: À.S. Patrakov, M.V. Maksimov, D.V. Zhukov, O.V. Vetrov.
The international Intercem group of companies headquartered in Switzerland, with production facilities in Germany and Switzerland, provides a wide ran...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: separator, cement grinding, modernization
Autor: O. Michelswirth.
The article highlights the issues of preparing documentation for the preliminary stage of an investment project. It identifies the issues that are add...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: project, design, institute, pre-project proposals, investment feasibility study, feasibility study, business plan, environmental impact assessment, EIA
Autor: M.I. Grigoriev.
The state and trends of development of technology and techniques for material grinding in ball tube mills are considered. An opportunity to adjust the...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: ball drum mill, grinding bodies, lining, mill feed, fineness of grinding, segregation, sorting, energy consumption
Autor: V.S. Bogdanov, S.I. Antsiferov, D.V. Bogdanov, P.A. Khakhalev.
In the production of Portland cement clinker the raw mix always contains sodium and potassium oxides, which can accumulate in the calcined material be...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Science and production
Keywords: Portland cement clinker minerals, alite, belite, Portland cement clinker, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, grindability, microhardness, compressive strength
Autor: D.A. Mishin, A.O. Erygina.
There is still an ongoing debate on the mechanisms of expansion of calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cements, which can be either favorable e.g. in shrinka...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Science and production
Keywords: calcium sulfoaluminate cement, expansion, durability, pore solution, thermodynamic modeling
Autor: C.W. Hargis, B. Lothenbach, C.J. Mueller, F. Winnefeld.
Nanoparticles in mortar and concrete mixtures have a positive effect on the physical and mechanical characteristics of mortars and concretes - strengt...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Science and production
Keywords: nanoparticles, nanoadditives, mortar, concrete
Autor: A.S. Brykov.
In 2020 10.8 Mt of cement were produced in Kazakhstan. Cement consumption amounted to 9.5 Mt. 2.1 Mt of cement were exported from Kazakhstan, and 0.7...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Review
Keywords: cement, clinker, production, dry process, consumption, export, import
Autor: C. Stefanoiu.
OAO Krasnoselskstroymaterialy, part of the Belarusian Cement Company, produces cement by dry and wet methods. The company produces a wide range of cem...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Companies and firms
Keywords: cement production, dry process, wet process, modernization, quality, export
Autor: Y.V. Guchek.
The central topic for today's cement industry is a large-scale digital transformation. Among a significant number of technologies and products pro...
Issue №3, 2021
Section: Automation of production
Keywords: automation, digitalization, Manufacturing Execution System
Autor: J. Stoupa.

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