Cement manufacturers know that to meet customer needs they need to maintain a consistent clinker quality. The most effective way to meet this need is ...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Control of production
Keywords: online-analysis, PGNAA, raw materials analysis, mill feed
Autor: H. Kurth.
In eleven months of 2020 9,037.6 kt of cement and 6,806.5 kt of clinker were produced by enterprizes — members of Ukrcement Association, which is 4.6 ...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Ukrainian pages
Keywords: cement industry of Ukraine
Belitic Calcium Sulfoaluminate (BCSA) cement, has a history of over 30 years of use in North America. To date, more than 2 million tons of BCS...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Science and production
Keywords: belite, calcium sulfoaluminate, cement, hydration, phase composition
Autor: E. Bescher, K. Vallens, J. Kim.
Consumers prefer other types of cement to slag-Portland cement in the concrete mix. Slag Portland cement slows the setting rate of concrete. This pape...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Science and production
Keywords: granulated blast­furnace slag, ground granulated blast­furnace slag, GGBS, glassy phase, melilite glass, melilite, akermanite, gehlenite, tobermorite, slag activation, portland blast­furnace slag cement, GGBS concrete
Autor: I.M. Ivanov, L.Ya. Kramar, A.A. Myasnikova.
The article reviews the Russian cement industry in 2020. All indicators are given according to the reporting data of cement enterprises and Rosstat. T...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Topic of issue
Keywords: cement industry, production, consumption, export, import, dry process
Autor: G.Yu. Vasilik, Ye.M. Eremina.
As we go into 2021, the dry bulk charter rates have already started to move up and it is expected that it will further move up this year. The increasi...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Review
Keywords: charter rates, shipping, bulk carrier, cement, clinker, export, import
Autor: R. Sharan.
In 2020, a wet process cement plant ATOM Cement with a design capacity of 550 thousand tons of cement per year was put into operation. This plant is p...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Interview
Keywords: production, cement plant
Autor: E.V. Glyzin.
The article covers the transition to technological standardization in the field of environmental protection in the Russian Federation. The author anal...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: environment protection, best available technologies, process regulatory actions, complex ecological permit, eco-efficiency improvement program
Autor: Ye.N. Potapova.
The article provides information on cement quality control at Buzzi Unicem’s SLK Cement and its R&D operations. The laboratories are equipped accordin...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: quality control, cement, clinker, concrete, testing, X-ray spectral analysis, particle-size analysis, technical assistance
Autor: M.S. Bykova, D.M. Glikin, P.I. Ustyugov, T.A. Popova, Ye.N. Luchina, Ye. Yu. Nedoshopa.
Plastic waste is a major cause of concern worldwide. The rampant littering of this material causes severe damage to the environment. It causes polluti...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: plastic waste, co-processing, cement kiln
Autor: U. Parlikar.

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