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In 2023 Russia produced 63.0 Mt of cement, or 1.2% more than in 2022. It was produced by 10 corporations, 52 cement plants, 6 grinding and mixing plan...
Issue №6
Section: Review
Keywords: capacity, production, import, export, consumption, cement market, cement weighted average price
Autor: V.A. Guz, E.V. Vysotsky.
In FY 2022, there were 16 companies operating in Japan's cement industry, which owned 30 integrated plants. The country produced 45.3 Mt of clinker an...
Issue №6
Section: Review
Keywords: cement, production, consumption, export, import, alternative raw materials, alternative fuels
Autor: The Japan Cement Association.
The article reviews the markets of dry building mortars of Central Asian (CA) countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. In 2023, t...
Issue №6
Section: Review
Keywords: dry building mortars, consumption, import
Autor: E.N. Botka.
The characteristics of architectural concretes and their application are described. The requirements that should be taken into account when selecting ...
Issue №6
Section: Concrete
Keywords: architectural concrete, concrete placement, white cement
Autor: A.A. Kriventsov, D.A. Kalugin, A.V. Ruzhitskaya.
The requirements to the inner containment of the reactor building of nuclear power plants are listed in the article. The specifics of concrete structu...
Issue №6
Section: Concrete
Keywords: concrete, concreting, nuclear power plant
Autor: M.Y. Yakobson, D.G. Surikov, L.M. Yakobson, D.A. Tolstov.
The article presents the results of research of influence of various water-repelling agents on the frost resistance of paving concrete. The analysis o...
Issue №6
Section: Concrete
Keywords: water-repellents, pavement concrete, freeze-thaw resistance, water absorption ability
Autor: V.V. Ushakov, V.A. Maksimov.
The article deals with the experience of using machine learning to stabilize the supply of gas fuel to a rotary clinker kiln. The mathematical model h...
Issue №6
Section: Automation of production
Keywords: clinker burning, rotary kiln, main drive stabilization, machine learning, recommendation system, kiln operator
Autor: O.B. Gatilov, A.A. Serykh, A.S. Tokarev.
The use of cellulose, including nano- and microcellulose, in the formulation of cement-based materials, in particular, in composite materials of the c...
Issue №6
Section: Science and production
Keywords: cement, concrete, biomaterials, nanocellulose, microcellulose, strength, deformability, water resistance
Autor: V.A. Lipin, E.D. Sofronova.
From the point of view of practice the issue of eliminating the disadvantages of non-autoclaved aerated concrete (NAAC) in comparison with the autocla...
Issue №6
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: non-autoclaved aerated concrete, high-calcium ash from thermal power plants, phase composition of hydrates, differential thermal analysis
Autor: G.I. Ovcharenko, Y.V. Gilmiyarova.
Assessment of the impact of a number of factors on the cement consumption in the world allows us to forecast its decrease by 2030. The total produ...
Issue №5, 2023
Section: Review
Keywords: cement, consumption, production, production capacity
Autor: J. Harder .

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