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The article describes the role of alkalis in the clinker production and their influence on the durability of concrete. Since the dry process increases...
Issue №1, 2015
Section: Science and production
Keywords: cement production, build-ups formation, bypass, concrete durability, alkali silica reaction, ettringite formation.
Autor: W. Kurdowski.
The article demonstrates the production potential of Volgocemmash factory manufacturing the basic equipment for the production of cement by dry and we...
Issue №6, 2014
Section: Companies and firms
Keywords: equipment for cement production, dry and wet processes, modernization, repair
Autor: N.G. Goncharenko.
The paper describes the design, operating principle and advantages of the Pfister® TRW-S/D rotary weight feeder, designed by German FLSmidth Pfister. ...
Issue №6, 2014
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: cement production, dosing, rotor weighfeeder, alternative fuels
Autor: T. Jennewein.
The paper describes the main areas of research by the research and analysis center (RAC), organized in 2004 by the management of OAO Podolsk C...
Issue №6, 2014
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: cement production, energy usage reduction, resources saving, cement quality
Autor: I.Yu. Burlov.
In August 2014 the Siberian Cement holding company turned 10 years old. The article describes the structure of the holding; lists the products of its ...
Issue №5, 2014
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: cement production, construction materials, modernization, ecology
Georgia is a strategically well located country with a big potential for growth. Particularly, it is a transit country between the Black and the Caspi...
Issue №4, 2014
Section: Review
Keywords: cement industry in Georgia, cement production, construction in Georgia
Autor: I. Makharoblidze.
The paper describes a new dry process cement production line at OOO Sengileyevsky Cement Plant. The decision to build it on the site of the old Sengil...
Issue №4, 2014
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: cement production, process line, dry process, commissioning work
Autor: S.M. Zyukolkin, E.V. Schegolyaev.
In October 2014 the Krasnoyarsky cement plant turns 70. Throughout these years the company was working hard, providing cement for the construction sit...
Issue №4, 2014
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: cement production, hydrotechnical cement, oil-well cement
Autor: E. Smirnova.
An increasing number of cement companies in Russia practices preventive maintenance. In these circumstances, the Danish company FLSmidth which has a d...
Issue №1, 2014
Section: Control of production
Keywords: maintenance, diagnostic, repair, spare parts, cement production
Autor: K. Ramanan, A. Espejel, A. Tatarchenkov.
The article describes retrofitting of the wet process cement production line at OAO Ivano-Frankivsk-Cement, performed in collaboration with the Danish...
Issue №3, 2013
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: cement production, reconstruction, dry process
Autor: R. Eimert, P. Grydgaard.

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