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The purpose of the research was to determine the effect of limestone as a mineral additive in cement on frost resistance of hardened cement. The struc...
Issue №2, 2022
Section: Science and production
Keywords: clinker factor, limestone blended cement, frost resistance, durability, chlorides
Autor: I.V. Korchunov, E.N. Potapova, S.P. Sivkov, E.A. Voloshin, .A. Lukoshkin.
The second part of the paper describes operational measures that should be taken in case of burning process disruptions caused by circulatory phenomen...
Issue №6, 2017
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: preheater cleaning procedures, air cannons, high pressure water pumps, meal curtain, splash box design, pendulum flaps, filter dust management, chloride bypass, hot meal bypass, sulphur volatility
Autor: M. Kapphahn.
The results of comparative tests of cement-sand mortars with a reactive aggregate in the solutions of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium salts...
Issue №5, 2017
Section: Science and production
Keywords: alkali-silica reaction, accelerated mortar-bar test, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, aluminum sulfate
Autor: A.S. Brykov, N.S. Paritskaya.
A search for comprehensive criteria to predict the durability of concrete has been made. It was demonstrated that the compressive strength of concrete...
Issue №4, 2017
Section: Concrete
Keywords: concrete durability, compressive strength, frost resistance, chloride diffusion, carbonization
Autor: S. Palm, C. Mueller, A. Wolter.
With increase in industrialization, quality of air, water and soil is getting deteriorated. Demand for durable structural concrete is increasing to re...
Issue №3, 2017
Section: Concrete
Keywords: OPC, GGBS, chemical attacks, accelerated corrosion, rapid chloride penetration test.
Autor: U.V. Dave, B.R. Sojitra.
Interactions in the calcium carbonate — sodium chloride system were examined using the methods of radio spectroscopy and derivatography. As a result o...
Issue №2, 2012
Section: Science and production
Keywords: calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, radiospectroscopy, derivatography
Autor: A.N. Lopanov, E.A. Fanina.
A project of a bypass system for the removal of chlorides – A TEC Reduchlor® from Austrian A TEC Production & Services GmbH is described, implemented ...
Issue №6, 2012
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: bypass system, chloride, kiln gas
Autor: J. Muellner.
In the current study, the effect of different types of cements (CEM I, II, III, IV and V), classified according to the European Standard EN 19...
Issue №6, 2013
Section: Concrete
Keywords: carbonation, chloride exposure, durability, supplementary cementing materials
Autor: S. Demis, V.G. Papadakis.

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