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An accelerated development of the cement industry in the former Soviet Union countries today and prospects of a larger growth in the near future requi...
Issue №6, 2007
Section: Stages of production
Keywords: mining excavators, modern technology, inclined belt conveyor, combine, software, quarry
The article provides an analysis of the efficiency of application of hydraulic excavators (EG) and cable excavators (EKG) under variou...
Issue №1, 2009
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: raw materials, hydraulic excavators, shovel
Autor: A.U. Mutseniks, N.I. Paladeeva.
The article characterizes the caterpillar dragline excavators produced by Uralmash machine-building corporation. In an especially greater detail, it c...
Issue №6, 2009
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: dragline excavator, specification
Autor: N.V. Durnev, I.N. Sandrigaylo.
The equipment manufactured by OAO Uralmashzavod for various stages of the cement production process is described. Technical parameters of EDG-3,2.30, ...
Issue №1, 2012
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: excavator, jaw crusher, kiln, mill
Autor: V.V. Sekachev, N.I. Paladeyeva.
The article offers a technical and economic analysis of three different types of production and daylighting technology in the field, using as an examp...
Issue №1, 2011
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: recovery; drilling and blasting operations; excavator; Rip & Load technology
Autor: N.V. Bratchikov, I.V. Rubtsov, M.Yu. Brychkov.
The paper describes a new line of electric mining shovels manufactured by OOO P.G. Korobkov IZ-KARTEX. Design features and benefits of the ECG-12K mod...
Issue №1, 2014
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: excavator, quarry operations, cement industry
Autor: A.R. Ganin, T.V. Donchenko, D.A. Shibanov.
Rip&Load technology of the international company Caterpillar is described, which allows to rip and excavate strong rock without blasting, and the hydr...
Issue №1, 2013
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: recovery, Rip&Load technology, excavator
Autor: N.V. Bratchikov, V.V. Shornikov, D.A. Antipov.

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