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The article cites the results of the operation of a cement mill equipped with a separator and supplied by FLSmidth (Denmark) at OAO SebryakovC...
Issue №4, 2007
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: SebryakovCement, facilities, clinker mill, productivity, equipment specifications
Autor: A.S. Mikhin, I.Z. Vortman, R. Eymert.
The article reviews new procedures and approaches making it possible to profit from reducing CO2 emis- sions as a result of realization of technology ...
Issue №2, 2008
Section: Economics
Keywords: cement industry, overall production, manufacturing facilities, investment projects
Autor: N.L. Korobova, А.V. Varfolomeev.
When National Cement Company Dubai, undertook an extensive modernisation project, a big challenge was meeting the increased gas flow capacity to be fi...
Issue №3, 2009
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: gas treatment facilities, modernization, filters specification, new solutions
Autor: C.-V. Rasmussen, H.V. Pedersen, M. Sebasto.
Long-term (2010-2020 years) forecast of cement production, consumption and minimal market price in Russia considering the economical imbalance...
Issue №5, 2009
Section: Review
Keywords: cement market, development trends, manufacturing facilities
Autor: V.A. Guz, A.A. Kabanov, E.V. Vysotsky, V.I. Zharko.
The article describes the history of one of the leading Russian cement plant owned by ZAO Belgorodsky Cement, which is part of EUROCEMENT Group holdin...
Issue №6, 2009
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: Belgorodsky Cement, reconstruction, manufacturing facilities
The paper summarizes the data on streamlining the technological parameters of production and commercial output of moderate heat of hydration Portland ...
Issue №3, 2011
Section: Special binders
Keywords: Portland cement, hydraulic facilities, heat generation
Autor: L.A. Vertoprakhova, I.A. Solovieva, V.E. Klimov, V.P. Skakun, V.A. Afanasin.

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