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The article is devoted to the actual problem of reprocessing the man-made wastes formed at the factories of the Republic of Belarus. The results of th...
Issue №5, 2022
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: silica-containing waste, silica gel, silicate binder, welding-free method of binder production, fillers for coloring coating, physical and technical properties of colored silicate materials
Autor: V.I. Lobachevsky, A.G. Gubskaya, T.V. Volovik, P.I. Pismensky.
Due to their low weight and low thermal conductivity, refractory heat-insulating materials can significantly reduce the weight of the lining of high-t...
Issue №1, 2020
Section: Refractories
Keywords: heat-insulating refractories, lightweight, lining of thermal units, apparent density, bulk density, thermal conductivity, porous filler, burnout additive, microspheres
Autor: S.A. Pomortsev, N.A. Bosyakova, E.V. Stepanova.
Mixed cements are characterized by a lower early compressive strength compared with that of conventional Portland cement. Using a very simple three-di...
Issue №5, 2018
Section: Science and production
Keywords: Portland cement, blended cement, filler, hydration, water- binder ratio, strength.
Autor: P.-C. Aitcin, W. Wilson, S. Mindess.
On the base of their analysis of the well-known and the present paper authors’ own researches, scientific concepts about the structure of the stones o...
Issue №6, 2011
Section: Science and production
Keywords: compositional materials, structure, structure model, filler, physical activity, chemical activity
Autor: R.Z. Rakhimov, N.R. Rakhimova.
In order to develop a technology of electroconducting composite materials based on cement and graphite, a study was made of the structural-rheological...
Issue №5, 2009
Section: Science and production
Keywords: fillers, graphite, cement paste, dispersion, plasticizer
Autor: A.N. Lopanov, A.Yu. Semeykin, E.A. Fanina.
Hollow microspheres of fly ash are free flowing fine powders obtained from waste ash of thermal power plants. The use of microspheres as fillers for c...
Issue №4, 2012
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: lightweight filler, ash microspheres, monitoring, modification of surface, spheroconcrete, spherosorbents, ion-exchange compounds, radioactive wastes
Autor: L.D. Danilin, V.S. Drozhzhin, M.D. Kuvayev, S.A. Kulikov, N.V. Maksimova, V.I. Malinov, I.V. Pikulin, S.A. Redyushev, A.N. Khovrin.
The properties of cement pastes with different dispersive capacities of cement (200—600 m2/kg) and silica filler (100—900 m2/kg) were ...
Issue №2, 2013
Section: Science and production
Keywords: properties, durability, cement stone, silica filler, dispersion, compressive strength, bending strength
Autor: O.V. Kononova, L.M. Dobshits.
One of the most popular preventive measures to minimize the occurrence of chemical expansive reactions, namely the internal sulphate reaction (ISR...
Issue №2, 2014
Section: Concrete
Keywords: internal sulphate reaction, delayed ettringite formation, limestone filler, mineral additions, microstructure
Autor: A. Santos Silva, D. Soares, L. Matos, M. Salta, A. Gonçalves, A. Bettencourt Ribeiro, A. Pavoine, L. Divet.

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