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SOYUZCEMENT Union of Cement Producers (NO SOYUZCEMENT) turned 20 years old. Today the Union brings together leading cement producers of Eurasi...
Issue №4, 2022
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: cement, manufacturer, quality
The article characterizes the rotor impact-reflection crushers from HAZEMAG. It provides examples of operation of these crushers used for handling var...
Issue №5, 2008
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: impact crusher, manufacture, examples
Autor: F. Dardemann, A.I. Kondrashov.
On September 28 – October 1 the regular Cemtech Conference hosted by D. Hargreaves, publisher of International Cement Review was held in London. The C...
Issue №5, 2008
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: Cemtech, reports, infrastructure construction, manufacture
Autor: L.Z. German.
The possibility of producing cement clinker from industrial wastes with the using of high temperatures about 2 500–3 000 °С by means of plasma heating...
Issue №5, 2008
Section: Science and production
Keywords: technological development, manufacture, chemical analysis, raw components
Autor: G.G. Volokitin, N.K. Skripnikova, N.A. Pozdnyakova, A.A. Nikiforov.
A VEKS-Cement meeting was held to consider proposals on solving the problem of increasing the output of cement while using the existing production cap...
Issue №1, 2007
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: meeting, manufacture, construction materials, reports
On the basis of a conducted study of the industrial safety and environmental control measures, proposals were developed for a draft of the Technical R...
Issue №1, 2008
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: emission standards, environmental defence, process optimization, manufacture
Autor: Z.B. Entin, S.P. Sivkov.
The article gives the results of the commercial tests on the production of mechanically and chemically activated cements of low water demand at a high...
Issue №3, 2008
Section: Science and production
Keywords: mechanochemical activation, mineral additives, manufacture
Autor: M.Ya. Bikbau, V.N. Mochalov, Chen Lun.
The article reviews an exhaust gas heat recovery system at a cement plant. The heat is used to generate electricity. The average electricity productio...
Issue №1, 2010
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: SATAREM, heat recovery, manufacture
Autor: A. Rigouleau.
A concept is proposed for loading/unloading rail cars carrying raw materials for cement manufacture. Advantages of installing unloading trolleys are e...
Issue №3, 2010
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: Loading, unloading; raw materials for cement manufacture; tripper
Autor: N. Popovich, T. Palkevich.
In 1996, South Africa adopted the European Cement Specification (EN 197) and discontinued the specifications under which cement previously had...
Issue №3, 2009
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: cement quality, manufacturer of South Africa, optimization, cement composition
Autor: A.W. Walker, M.J. Kearns.

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