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The method of activation of the aqueous suspension of microsilica (MS) by ultrasonic treatment in combination with inorganic stabilizer is con...
Issue №3, 2023
Section: Science and production
Keywords: activated silica fume (microsilica, MS), ultrasonic activation, granulometric analysis, concrete, compressive strength
Autor: S.A. Markosov, R.V. Yudin, V.V. Zolotarev.
Over the past 50 years, concrete in Canada has evolved from a simple robust material to a complex composite with impressive improvements in the materi...
Issue №2, 2019
Section: Concrete
Keywords: concrete, high performance concrete, ultra-high strength concrete, water reducer, plasticizer, superplasticizer, silica fume, blended cement
Autor: P.-C. Aitcin, W. Wilson, S. Mindess.
The polymeric structure of a number of industrial dry polycarboxylate plasticizers produced at present was studied using NMR spectroscopy. The effect ...
Issue №2, 2018
Section: Science and production
Keywords: polycarboxylate plasticizers, structure, NMR spectroscopy, Portland cement, cement paste, workability, setting time, metakaolin, silica fume
Autor: A.S. Brykov, A.S. Panfilov, I.N. Medvedeva, M.V. Mokeev.
This article looks at the use of silica fume to negate the high reactivity of aggregates in Turkey. Reference is made to initial testing for ASR resis...
Issue №4, 2016
Section: Science and production
Keywords: Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR), pozzolans, silica fume, expansion values
Autor: R.C Lewis, E. Bayrak.
The work reviews the transformation of silica-containing additives (silica fume, metakaolin, precipitated SiO2, and low-calcium fly ash) in th...
Issue №6, 2012
Section: Science and production
Keywords: hardened cement paste, sand-cement mortar, silica fume, metakaolin, fly ash, alkali-silica reaction
Autor: A.S. Brykov, M.E. Voronkov, M.V. Mokeev.
The article discusses the influence of complex metakaolin-containing additives, on cement hydration and forming of structure and properties of cement ...
Issue №2, 2015
Section: Science and production
Keywords: additives-modifiers, metakaolin, silica fume, hydration, phase composition, metastable hydrate phases
Autor: A.A. Kirsanova, Yu.V. Ionov, A.A. Orlov, L.Ya. Kramar.
The article describes the results of the study on the effect of organo-mineral additive Glenium ACE 430 — microsilica on cement paste hardening and th...
Issue №2, 2013
Section: Science and production
Keywords: cement stone, structure, polycarboxylate superplasticizer, silica fume, phase composition
Autor: K.V. Shuldyakov, L.Y. Kramar, B.Y. Trofimov, N.A. Mamaev.
The water-to-cement ratio of ultra high strength concrete is extremely low; therefore the addition of high-range water reducing agent (suerplastic...
Issue №4, 2013
Section: Science and production
Keywords: silica fume, superplasticizer, C—S—H, Rietveld method
Autor: Y. Umemura, M. Satou, K. Koizumi, N. Tsuyuki.

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