Breedon Group (UK) is acquiring US-based BMC Enterprises (BMC) for US$300 million (£ 238.1mn) and celebrating record annual trading figures
11.03.2024 15:36Cemex introduces i-Con
Cemex has introduced i-Con, a new data-driven, digital solution, designed to help contractors deliver smarter, more efficient concrete construction, during the critical curing process.
First Graphene has completed the second phase of its graphene-enhanced cement trials, alongside the UK’s cement producer Breedon Cement
Thousands of tonnes of waste ceramics from one of the UK’s ceramic tile manufacturers will be recycled in order to make cement as part of a new initiative from Aggregate Industries
The World Cement Association has appointed Wei Rushan to be President of the Association, replacing Founding President, Song Zhiping, on his retirement last week.
New ready-mixed facility meets all concrete needs including high-volume, specialist mixes, and low-carbon products
A new Artificial Intelligence detection system is being deployed to help prevent cement tanker drivers from falling asleep at the wheel

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