24.01.2022 14:04

"AKKERMANN CEMENT CA” LLC (Republic of Uzbekistan), affiliated company of “AKKERMANN CEMENT” LLC (Russia), a member of the USM group (Russia), acquired 98.6% of the shares of “AKHANGARANCEMENT” SC (Republic of Uzbekistan)

The group of enterprises, united by the AKKERMANN CEMENT brand, is a member of the multispecialized Russian holding USM. In 2021, AKKERMANN CEMENT produced about 4 million tons of cement. The main assets of the company are cement plants in Novotroitsk and Gornozavodsk, and now Akhangarancement will join them. At the end of 2021, Akhangarancement commissioned a new modern dry method cement production line with a capacity of 2.5 million tons of cement per year. The new line requires high qualification and production experience from process managers and maintenance personnel. AKKERMANN CEMENT has a successful experience of effective management of such modern lines.

AKKERMANN CEMENT CEO Konstantin Morozov: "AKKERMANN CEMENT's success is based on motivation and development of the employees, the best production technologies, direct sales and technical support of our customers. The Company's products and services are well known in the markets of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan and we are confident that our experience and responsible attitude toward business operations will be appreciated by the employees, Customers and residents of Akhangaran, for whom the plant is city-forming. Personally, I have already had the chance to live and work in Uzbekistan and warm memories of hard work, hospitality and friendship motivate me personally to do our best to make Akhangarancement the industrial leader in Uzbekistan "

"The investment in Akhangarancement, like all USM investments in Uzbekistan, is primarily aimed at the development of this country, the small motherland of Alisher Usmanov, the main shareholder of USM. All the profits that will be generated here will remain in Uzbekistan and will be aimed at the socio-economic development of the republic. We see great potential here. A growing population, unmet demand for high-quality and affordable new housing, in the future supporting consumer demand through mortgage lending - all this will contribute to the growth of cement consumption. Although we understand that it will not be easy - last year the cement market in Uzbekistan went into a capacity proficit phase and high competition, both between local producers and imported ones from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The cement market in the Russian Federation has been in a capacity proficit phase for a long time, starting from 2015. Under these circumstances, AKKERMANN CEMENT has shown good results and gained experience in building efficient production and sales, which will be used by us in Uzbekistan,” remarked Anton Selyavko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AKKERMANN CEMENT.

The transaction was implemented with the assistance of Gazprombank- the strategic financial partner of AKKERMANN CEMENT.

AKKERMANN CEMENT is part of the USM holding. USM is a diversified Russian holding company that owns and manages assets in the field of metallurgy and mining, telecommunications and technology. The group's assets include leading industry companies such as "Metalloinvest", "MegaFon" and "Udokan Copper". USM is a shareholder in the Advanced Technologies development centre (ATDC). USM is registered in Russia. The main shareholders of USM are Alisher Usmanov, Vladimir Skoch, Varvara Skoch, Farhad Moshiri and Ivan Streshinsky.

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The use of materials published on the site is allowed only with reference to the source (the journal «Cement and its application») and a hyperlink to the quoted material.
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