Vietnam: cement sales increased by 4 % in January–August 2021

Vietnamese cement sales reached 70.7 mln tons in 8 months of 2021, compared to the same period last year, when restrictions caused by the pandemic had a negative impact on other industries.

General Secretary of Vietnamese Cement Association Long Duc Long noted that out of the total volume, exports amounted to 27.23 mln tons, which is 12 % more. The reason for the growth is an increase in the volume of purchases in large export markets such as the USA, Canada and China. General Secretary stressed that a demand for cement in these markets was increasing, and prices were rising.

According to Association, domestic consumption in that period decreased by 5 %, to 43.54 mln tons. The chairman of the Vietnamese Cement Association, Nguyen Quang Cung, said: "Due to the fourth wave of COVID-19, construction work was suspended in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and 19 southern settlements, which led to a decrease in demand for cement in recent months."

Kung explained that the southern region had the highest growth in cement consumption in the country and the restrictive measures of the pandemic had a significant impact on domestic consumption.

Long Duc Long believes that vaccination is being actively carried out in many localities in order to control the pandemic and gradually weaken social distancing measures and return to normal life soon.

According to experts, in recent years exports have continued to be the engine of growth of the cement industry. The significant increase in cement exports in the country was explained by the fact that cement factories in China were gradually closing, mainly for environmental purposes, and cement imports from other countries, especially Vietnam, were increasing.

In the second quarter, China was the largest importer of Vietnamese cement and clinker. Imports amounted to almost 10.3 mln tons worth $ 368.6 mln, which is 49.4 % of total exports and 45.6 % of total turnover. China was followed by the Philippines – 3.85 mln tons or $176 mln and Bangladesh – 1.93 mln tons or $65.4 mln.

Experts said that the presence of sea routes contributed to the export of cement and clinker from Vietnam to China.

Now Vietnam is the fifth largest cement producer in the world after China, India, the USA and Russia. In 10 years, the volume of cement production in the country has doubled from 45.5 mln tons in 2009 to about 100 mln tons, turning the country from an importer of cement and clinker into the world's largest exporter of these goods.

Last year, 101.5 mln tons of cement were shipped to foreign markets, which is 1.5 % more than in 2019.

Developing exports, cement producers should apply cutting-edge technologies in production to improve quality and added value while reducing harm to the environment, which would significantly help to increase competitiveness, experts suggested.

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The use of materials published on the site is allowed only with reference to the source (the journal «Cement and its application») and a hyperlink to the quoted material.
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