Hydration of limestone slag composite cement

The kinetics of the cement hydration depending on the used filler has been investigated as well as the properties of obtained cement stone. The addition of fine quartz, results in an acceleration of the clinker reaction. The replacement of the fine quartz by the combina...

Nucleation seeding in cementitious systems

Influence of C-S-H-nuclei on Portland cement hydration rate has been investigated. C-S-H-seeds were prepared by mechanochemical synthesis and by sol-gel processes. The specific surface area of C-S-H-seeds has a major impact on the ability of the seeds to accelerate ceme...

Ukrainian cement industry. Results of operations in the 1st nine months of 2014

Ukrainian cement industry. Results of operations in the 1st nine months of 2014.

Sustainability and cement — addressing evolving challenges

The paper describes the activities of the organization Cement Sustainability Initiative, CSI, of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, WBCSD. In 2002, the CSI has adopted a program of action - the representatives of the industry have teamed up to study...

Automated systems for handling of bulk materials

Telescopic loading devices for the cement industry, developed and produced by HENNLICH group of companies, are discussed. This equipment addresses the problem of automated dust-free loading of cement.

Improving the accuracy of XRD analysis using new equipment for sample preparation

Preparing the ideal representative sample is one of the most important steps to ensure the accuracy of the quantitative XRD analysis. The preferred orientation in mineral samples with particles of columnar or plate-like shape can affect the correctness of the measuremen...

Raw mix quality control at the plant in Australia

The article describes the application of Geoscan industrial installations for on-belt Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA)from Australian company Scantech for determining and adjusting the composition of raw materials mix on the conveyor belt in real...

Materials and technologies for the repair of Louis Vicat bridge in Souillac

The story of the construction of the bridge in Souillac, France, and the technical decisions taken in connection with its repair aredescribed. The compositionof concrete used for the repair work, ensuring its greatest resemblance to the original materials used in constr...

Alkali-silica reactions, alkaline corrosion of Portland cement concretes and pozzolanic additives - corrosion inhibitors

The available data from the literature on alkali-silica reactions in Portland cement concretes, the role of active mineral additives, the mechanisms of their inhibitory action and test methods are reviewed and summarized.

A holistic perspective on the role of concrete admixtures for sustainable concrete construction

Chemical admixtures have long been known for the beneficial role they play in improving the engineering properties of concrete and mortar mixtures. Looking back over the past decades, the use of air entraining agents and superplasticizers can be considered among the maj...

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