The article analyzes the state of Russian cement industry in 2016 and shows possible prospects for its development
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Review
Keywords: cement industry, production, consumption, export, import, dry process
Autor: G.Y. Vasilik, E.M. Eremina.
The article discusses the issues related to the methodology of statistical analysis of the data characterizing the quality of products of cement plant...
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: cement quality, statistical data analysis, certification of products, stability of operating process
Autor: S.P. Sivkov.
The article presents data on production and consumption of dry mixes in Russia in 2013-2016 and a forecast for 2017.
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Dry construction mixes
Keywords: dry building mortars, production, consumption, export, import
Autor: E. Botka.
The article describes the project of reconstructing several key sections of the dry process production line at OOO Atakay-Cement, and a flow diagram o...
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: reconstruction, process line, cyclone preheater, gas reciprocating power plant
Autor: B.N. Adamenko, V.V. Tertichny, Y.A. Kalchenko.
The article describes the use of electric neutralization process in grinding of raw meal in Portland cement production
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: raw meal, dry grinding, adhesion, electrostatic charge neutralization, specific energy consumption
Autor: N.F. Glukharev.
Causes of rapid deterioration of intermediate partitions of cement ball mills, typical for most cement plants in Russia, are discussed in the paper.
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: grinding, ball mill, wear-resistance, diaphragm
Autor: M.A. Porsev, I.V. Chumanov.
The article describes ball type BTD diverter valves manufactured by DMN-WESTINGHOUSE (Netherlands)
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: diverter valve, ball type diverter, pneumatic conveying system
Autor: N.A.Poperekov.
The importance of adapting the existing standard objectives and practices of cement producing companies to the local conditions is discussed in the pa...
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: process optimization, in-house standard, personnel training
Autor: M. Mutter, L. Evans.
The paper deals with the results of laboratory tests of resistance of periclase-spinel refractory products manufactured by Magnezit Group, designed fo...
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Refractories
Keywords: refractory, kiln lining, clinker resistance
Autor: L.M. Akselrod, V.A. Ustinov, O.N. Pitsik, O.A. Maryaseva.
In 2016 8,949.6 kt of cement and 6,481.1 kt of clinker were produced, or, respectively 5,6% and 10,6% more than in 2015. A share of cement tra...
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Ukrainian pages
Keywords: cement and clinker production in Ukraine, cement sales, cement consumption by regions of Ukraine

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