The article presents a review of the presentations made at Cemtech Conference held in Berlin, Germany, on September 30 — October 2, 2019.
Issue №5, 2019
Section: Events
Keywords: conference, seminar, exhibition
Formulations for regular, frost-resistant, high-strength, self-compacting and mass concretes based on cement blends containing siliceous fly ash, grou...
Issue №5, 2019
Section: Science and production
Keywords: High Performance Concrete, Self-Compacting Concrete, freeze-thaw stable concrete, CO2 emission, workability, cement, fly ash, blast furnace slag
Autor: M. Talaj, K. Wandoch.
In this issue of the journal we publish a special section "In-plant transportation". Here you will find information on various types of conv...
Issue №4, 2019
Section: Stages of production
Keywords: stages of prodction
In 2018, 73 of 122 cement kilns at U.S. companies were equipped with cyclone preheaters and calciners. Only 9 wet process kilns remained in the indust...
Issue №4, 2019
Section: Review
Keywords: cement production, dry process, cement and clinker imports, alternative fuels
Autor: R. Bohan.
Due to the significant impact of CO2 emissions on climate change, cement manufacturers are making efforts to reduce those at their plants. To make it ...
Issue №4, 2019
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: cement production, CO2 emission, environmental ranking, compressive strength
Autor: L. Evans, M. Mutter.
According to environmental legislation, by the end of 2024, all cement producers in Russia should switch to the best available technologies (BAT&#...
Issue №4, 2019
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: Best Available Techniques, BAT, complex ecological permits, emission, nitrogen oxides, NOx, alternative fuels
Autor: D.N. Evdokimov.
The paper describes the requirements of the best available technologies (BAT) to cement plants for indicators of emissions of pollutants into ...
Issue №4, 2019
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: emission, nitrogen oxides, NOx, Best Available Techniques, BAT, cement production
Autor: I.A. Raschupkina, M.I. Grigoryev.
Co-processing rates vary significantly between individual EU member countries, depending on an interaction of different factors (in particular the...
Issue №4, 2019
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: co-processing, alternative fuels, waste, cement kiln, clinker burning, best available techniques, BAT, emission
Autor: S. Schaefer, A. Ruetz, G. Muftuoglu, V. Hoenig.
Electrostatic precipitators are widely used to capture particulate matter and flue gases in various industries. High efficiency and reliability made t...
Issue №4, 2019
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: electrostatic precipitator, ESP, bag filter, modernization
Autor: S.L. Kalyuzhin, A.S. Koptev, A.V. Lenyakin.
The paper describes the principles of operation, design features and operational characteristics of the 5th generation high-performance no-spill ETA d...
Issue №4, 2019
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: clinker cooler, energy efficiency, heat recuperation
Autor: W. Telle, D.V. Bakeyev.

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