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The article discusses the first machine produced by Windmoeller & Hoelscher Company for gluing bottom plates into valved paper sacks with a digital sy...
Issue №2, 2009
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: machine building, presentation, reset time, quality control
Autor: A. Lomann.
The article considers the effect of various modifications of calcium sulphate, as well as hardening accelerators, on the properties of dry mixes based...
Issue №2, 2009
Section: Dry construction mixes
Keywords: building footing, composition, dry mix, hardening kinetics
Autor: I.N. Medvedeva, Yu.M. Kharitonova.
The article reviews the course of construction of Serebyransky cement plant, which Bazel-Cement has been conducting in Ryazan oblast since July 2008 h...
Issue №4, 2009
Section: Companies and firms
Keywords: Bazel-Cement, building phases, new plant, backing
Autor: P.V. Gerasimchuk. New ZAO Yuzno-Kyrgyzsky Cement plant.
The article is devoted to the activities of Polysius AG, which turns 150 in 2009. This is one of the leading engineering companies that supplies equip...
Issue №5, 2009
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: Polysius, innovation, factory building
The article reviews the content of some presentations made at 18th IBAUSIL, International conference on building materials held in Weimar, Germany on ...
Issue №5, 2012
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: International Conference on building materials, congress on chemistry of building materials
In the article the issue of applicability and relevance of use of foreign standards in the domestic practice of construction, engineering and construc...
Issue №2, 2011
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: construction norms and regulations; Standard; building; design; harmonization; Eurocode
Autor: V.I. Travush, V.O. Almazov, Yu.S. Volkov.
The influence of the addition of MKZHL metakaolin used for partial - by 5-30 % - replacement of cement on the properties of mortar mixes and morta...
Issue №1, 2015
Section: Science and production
Keywords: metakaolin, Portland cement, hydration, dry building mortars
Autor: S.A. Krasnobaeva, I.N. Medvedeva, A.S. Brykov, Z.V. Stafeyeva.
This article focuses on the prospects for application in Russia Eurocode 2 "Concrete construction of buildings", related issues and possible...
Issue №6, 2014
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: reinforced concrete, standard, Eurocodes, building
Autor: Yu.S. Volkov.
The article describes the career path of an outstanding scientist N.A. Belelyubsky and his role in the history of the Mechanical laboratory at the Ins...
Issue №3, 2015
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: Mechanical laboratory, testing of cements, building materials
Autor: A.V. Benin.
Analysis of expediency of oil-well materials usage which are produced by technology of dry mixing was made.
Issue №5, 2013
Section: Special binders
Keywords: alternative oil-well cement, borehole, zeolite, dry building mixtures, water reduction, acoustic cement bond logging.

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