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Conference "Cement Concrete Pavements of Russia s Motorways: Trends and Growth Areas" was held on November 21 in Moscow. An overview of the ...
Issue №5, 2017
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: Concrete Pavement Association, concrete pavements, concrete roads, conference
The experience of design and construction of concrete roads in Poland is presented.
Issue №2, 2017
Section: Concrete
Keywords: concrete roads, road pavement, design, construction, finishing
Autor: P. Mackiewicz, A. Szydlo.
The paper resumes the development of the concrete roads in Czechoslovakia, resp. in the Czech Republic over the span of time between two major special...
Issue №5, 2015
Section: Concrete
Keywords: concrete roads, skid resistance, alkali-silica reaction, freeze-thaw resistance
Autor: J. Skarkova.
In 2005, Czech Skanska in collaboration with MC-Bauchemie started developing rapid-hardening concrete for the fastest possible replacement of the exis...
Issue №6, 2015
Section: Concrete
Keywords: airport, speed of repair, concrete roads, "fast-setting concretes", repairs of cement concrete pavements
Autor: J. Srutka, M. Sapik.
Porous surfaces of cement concrete (OPB) or asphalt concrete (OPA) have a permanent transfer of rainwater and additionally a noise red...
Issue №2, 2015
Section: Concrete
Keywords: cement concrete roads, porous concrete, test track, low noise pavement, durability
Autor: P. Vogel, J. Orben.
From both an environmental and economic point of view, the availability and performance capability of infrastructure traffic areas today and in the fu...
Issue №5, 2014
Section: New materials
Keywords: concrete roads, structural maintenance, rapid-hardening concrete
Autor: S. Riffel.
The use of RCC is now well established for industrial pavements, and is spreading in North America and recently in Europe for transportation pavement ...
Issue №3, 2015
Section: Concrete
Keywords: concrete roads, roller compacted, recycling, environment indicators
Autor: A. Ezaoui, T. Sedran, L. Miard, D. Mathieu.

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