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The article describes the АСУТП concept based on СЕМАТ® – a specialized library developed by Siemens Company in accordance with the requirements of ce...
Issue №1, 2007
Section: Presentation
Keywords: present-day production, CEMAT, Siemens, control, electrofilters
Autor: A. Balatsky.
This is a review of the modern automation systems by Siemens, which were installed at some Russian cement plants with subsequent economic benefits. Th...
Issue №1, 2008
Section: Automation of production
Keywords: Siemens, increase in productivity, modernization, delivery of equipment, power service, drive system, control tools
Autor: V. Мustafin.
The article describes the scope of complete supply packages of the modern production process and laboratory testscontrol systems for three cement plan...
Issue №2, 2008
Section: Automation of production
Keywords: control systems, factory laboratory, power service, quality control
Autor: J. Dahl.
The article describes a system of optical and thermal on-line analysis of the processes taking place in the sintering zone and in the cooler of a rota...
Issue №3, 2008
Section: Control of production
Keywords: cement production, control, optimization, kilns, video images
Autor: R. Boecher.
A library of the automated process control system (System 800xA) developed by the Swiss company ABB is described. It includes unique object-or...
Issue №5, 2011
Section: Automation of production
Keywords: cement plant, automatic process control system, software, interface
Autor: M. Knabenhaus.
The article presents a review of the presentations made at Cemtech Conference held in Warsaw on September 25—28.
Issue №5, 2011
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: International Conference on Cement, Cemtech, the global cement industry, sustainable development, alternative fuels, process control, wear-resistant materials
On September 21-23, the Loesche Company held a technical workshop in Moscow to exchange experiences on Optimization of grinding technology and qualifi...
Issue №5, 2011
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: structural features of mills, installation and replacement of blocks of mills, grinding process control in grinding plants, grinding plants uninterrupted work, the audit of the mechanical equipment, training
The French engineering company Icer Groupe Snef cites examples of its completed cement plant modernization projects, reports on the measures involving...
Issue №4, 2010
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: cement plant; reconstruction; engineering; upgrading the production technology; electrical equipment; control systems
Autor: P. Logerot.
The article describes the sequence of the development and introduction of an automated system of quality control and laboratory. It shows the effect o...
Issue №4, 2010
Section: Control of production
Keywords: automated process control system (APCS), information transparency, control of technological norms, coordination of technological and parametric control of cement production
Autor: E.V. Tekucheva, S.A. Bezlepkina, D.A. Kudryashov.
The article provides information on the activities of VDZ and its Research Institute and presents the analysis of operations of German cement industry...
Issue №1, 2009
Section: Review
Keywords: VDZ, research institute, cement sector, dust emission, cement chemistry, concrete technology, environment control, product quality
Autor: M. Schneider.

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