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Main factors of the effective performance of flue gas cooling systems with complete water evaporation are considered. An example of the modernization ...
Issue №6, 2019
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: cooling tower, spray nozzle, emission reduction, energy efficiency
Autor: J. Keune, A.A. Chernykh.
The article describes the system of controlled evaporative cooling of rotary kiln shells in the cement industry. Use of water-evaporation technology c...
Issue №4, 2016
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: rotary kiln, kiln cooling by water evaporation, operational costs reduction
Autor: A. Scholl, D. Schmidt.
Approximately three years ago PSP Engineering, Czech Republic and IKN, Germany started working in close cooperation. Since then PSP Engineering offers...
Issue №2, 2008
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: clinkers cooling, increase in production, refrigerators
Autor: А. Кravets.
By further refining numerous elements of proven FLSmidth clinker cooler designs, the new Cross-BarTM Cooler represents the latest evolution in the cro...
Issue №4, 2010
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: clinker cooling; cross¬bar cooler; thermal efficiency; mechanical flow regulators
Autor: FLSmidth A/S.
The article describes a project involving block lining for the vault of a rotary kiln grate cooler. A special feature of the vault design is the use o...
Issue №5, 2009
Section: Refractories
Keywords: refractory facing, cooling, clinker, air-quenching cooler
Autor: Yu.L. Goloperov, V.V. Barinov, A.A. Kondrukevich, I.V. Pyrkova, A.Yu. Popov, A.V. Sharonov.
The benefits of the clinker cooler FLSmidth Cross-Bar™, operating on the crossbar technology are described. The examples of upgrading the cooler at OA...
Issue №4, 2011
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: clinker cooling, cross-bar cooler, modernization
Autor: A.A. Adamenko.
Conventional cement cooling uses water flow that is open to the plant environment leading to issues with efficiency, maintenance, emissions and contam...
Issue №6, 2014
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: cement cooling, efficiency improving, cost reducing
Autor: N. Sutherland, R. Anbari.

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