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The article describes modern technical solutions in the field of packing materials for cement industry, produced by HAVER & BOECKER engineering group....
Issue №3, 2023
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: bulk material, packing, bag
Autor: Ya.A. Fedorovich.
Concrete producers have known for a long time that optimizing the particle size distribution of concrete aggregates allows for a higher strength concr...
Issue №4, 2020
Section: Concrete
Keywords: aggregate, concrete, Portland cement, particle packing density, void volume, supplemental cementitious materials
Autor: J. Guynn, J. Kline.
The following article is the third part of HAVER & BOECKER’s “The cement plant of tomorrow” series of articles (for parts one and two see journal ...
Issue №4, 2016
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: packing machine, cement packing, paper bag, plastic bag, automation
Autor: F. Festge.
The BEUMER Group as a full-scale supplier provides the cement industry around the globe with specialized equipment. This article describes the equipme...
Issue №5, 2015
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: conveying, pre-homogenization, filling, packing, palletizing, loading
Autor: R. Schnathmann.
The article describes AD*STAR polypropylene block bottom valve bags for packaging bulk materials. These bags are manufactured using a special technolo...
Issue №4, 2015
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: cement packing, valve bags, cost reduction, secondary fuel
Autor: M. Grabenweger, S. Eder.
The article briefly describes the developments in palletizing from German Claudius Peters, used in the industry of building materials, particularly in...
Issue №4, 2015
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: packing, palletizing, palletizer
Autor: R. Westhues.
The article presents Storsack Group - a leading producer of polypropylene packing - and its customer services. It describes the company products inten...
Issue №3, 2007
Section: Companies and firms
Keywords: Storsack Group, production, polypropylene, packing
Autor: R.D. Rashitov.
The article reviews the Haver & Boecker products intended for weighing, packing and processing of loose materials. It cites the characteristics of the...
Issue №1, 2007
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: Haver & Boecker, products, packing requirements, bags
Autor: A. Heinrich.
The article presents the results of a packing department modernization project at the Topkinsky cement plant where Haver & Boecker company’s ROTO-Pack...
Issue №1, 2008
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: Topkinski plant, reconstruction, packing
Autor: H.-W. Bunse..
The article deals with preconditions for optimal designing of building blends compositions in order to obtain concrete on the cement binding based on ...
Issue №6, 2011
Section: Science and production
Keywords: disperse mineral binding systems, computer modelling of packings, calculation methods
Autor: V.V. Belov, I.V. Obraztsov, M.A. Smirnov.

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