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Belitic Calcium Sulfoaluminate (BCSA) cement, has a history of over 30 years of use in North America. To date, more than 2 million tons of BCS...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Science and production
Keywords: belite, calcium sulfoaluminate, cement, hydration, phase composition
Autor: E. Bescher, K. Vallens, J. Kim.
The article covers quality control in cement production at the Volsk, Ferzikovo and Schurov plants of LafargeHolcim Russia, and operations of its R&D ...
Issue №5, 2020
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: cement, clinker, raw materials, quality, testing, chemical analysis, phase composition, particle-size analysis, concrete, dry building mortars
Autor: Ye.Yu. Ivlieva, N.N. Naumova, Ye.A. Nekrasova, Ye.A. Voloshin, S.A. Lukoshkin.
The article discusses the current trends in the development of X-ray diffraction analysis of cement products to solve the issues of process control. T...
Issue №3, 2020
Section: Control of production
Keywords: X-ray phase analysis, X-ray diffractometer, phase composition
Autor: P.S. Chizhov.
Analytical lab testing complexes for express multi-element chemical analysis and analysis of the phase composition of raw materials, intermediate prod...
Issue №4, 2018
Section: Control of production
Keywords: chemical analysis, phase composition, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, X-ray diffractometer.
Autor: N.G. Prokhorova, D.I. Babenko.
Changes in the composition of ordinary Portland cement blended with either Class F fly ash or blast furnace slag at 30% replacement of cement have...
Issue №1, 2011
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: blended cement; fly ash; blast furnace slag; hydration; phase composition
Autor: K. Luke, E.E. Lachowski.
The article discusses the influence of complex metakaolin-containing additives, on cement hydration and forming of structure and properties of cement ...
Issue №2, 2015
Section: Science and production
Keywords: additives-modifiers, metakaolin, silica fume, hydration, phase composition, metastable hydrate phases
Autor: A.A. Kirsanova, Yu.V. Ionov, A.A. Orlov, L.Ya. Kramar.
The aim of the research was to compare the results of the identification of phase composition of clinkers by different methods and evaluation of the a...
Issue №3, 2013
Section: Science and production
Keywords: Portland cement clinker, phase composition, methods of analysis
Autor: V.K. Kozlova, V.G. Grigoriev, E.Y. Malova, E.V. Bozhok, E.V. Manuylov.
The article describes the results of the study on the effect of organo-mineral additive Glenium ACE 430 — microsilica on cement paste hardening and th...
Issue №2, 2013
Section: Science and production
Keywords: cement stone, structure, polycarboxylate superplasticizer, silica fume, phase composition
Autor: K.V. Shuldyakov, L.Y. Kramar, B.Y. Trofimov, N.A. Mamaev.

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